Pan Owners Club Northern Ireland

Although Pan Owners Clubs and relevant forums have existed in Southern Ireland, up until now there has been nothing organised in Northern Ireland for owners of the Honda Pan European motorcycle.

So with a bit of work and luck, we are setting up the Pan Owners Club Northern Ireland.

The new club is based around the Pan and will bring together information, uploads as well as buy and sell parts, however nothing is set in stone as we develop the club from this new start.

These upright style machines are a great ride, on the road with riders enjoying similar views, level of comfort, storage space, speeds and capabilities.

They are no slouch on the road with a capable rider on board and will munch the miles whether hard touring or leisure riding. They are workhorses within the emergency services, from the police to para-medics and recovery services.

The clubs key factors for our “Frying Pans” ownership are – comradery, assistance, fun and safety.

Our first run to establish the club, is scheduled for Sunday the 8th March 2015 around the ‘south of the lough’ area, with a centralised meeting/start point at, “Café Rendezvous” (Spar/BP Garage) Moira on the Gleneavy Road.

Although some of us have a 35 plus mile to get there, some may be a lot further. It’s all about the journey not the destination, so enjoy the ride there to meet up!

“Café Rendezvous” is not the usual bikers meeting place with as the name suggests good food with fuel at the BP Garage, toilets, parking on hand and free Wi-Fi available.

All similar styled bikes – if its big and comfy, an armchair of a bike built for long distance, their riders are welcome on the run from the GS – RT – FJR – -V-Strom – KL and similar styled machines.

In fact you maybe you have two or three bikes, are involved in other club runs, the “sport stuff runs” with another club, no bother – all are welcome!

Hopefully see you there or join us on Facebook.

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Note on meeting point: If you feel the garage and parking is getting congested, please pull out onto the roadside towards Moira junction, and keep well in. We don’t think there is an issue on the roadside here, as it’s used for commuter parking the rest of the week. No restrictions we know off.

But keep it tidy.

Note on the run: We all may be aware of the drop off techniques for junctions, to make progress safely without getting split up, lost and to stay safe – a dedicated lead rider – a dedicated last man (tail end Charlie) – preceding riders are “dropped” of at junctions and show riders the direction the run is taking – re-joining the run in front of the tail end Charlie.

We aim also split the run into a couple of groups, the forward and the trail packs, the forward being the experienced riders, knowledge of the countryside and routes, and the trail pack, happy enough to just be a minute behind and still keep a nice pace. Too many riders tight together, can be a danger too.

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