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parkinglocked-250 On the FaceBook page we asked a question to their own question regarding organisations introducing a sustainable travel plan.

“A workplace travel plan can encourage your staff to use alternatives to travelling alone in their cars. This can help save your business and your workers time and money, improve productivity and reduce your environmental impact.”

We asked, “So what would your thoughts be on Powered Two Wheelers (PTW – motorcycles – scooters – mopeds) within a workplace travel plan?”

We only asked because we could not see any mention of this mode of transport within any of the options on the subject matter covered in their guide!

We are still waiting for a reply!

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Ride To Work

ridetoworkeuHowever whether any “government” department would actively encourage the use of PTWs is another matter. is a free service offered and delivered by Invest Northern Ireland on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive.

Invest Northern Ireland is the official online channel for business advice and guidance in Northern Ireland and is part of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment – DETI.

Perhaps they simply forgot about PTWs or are they still “afraid” to do so because of road safety concerns?

Is it down to riders not to forget the advantages of PTWs and to push and promote them to “government”?

This promotion has been carried out each year through “Ride To Work” nationally in the UK – National Ride to Work Day – globally through – Ride To Work – and in Ireland at

There are riders that commute daily and Ride To Work promotes what these riders already know, “Promotes the societal benefits of motorcycling and is held on the third Monday of June every year.”

“The event aims to raise awareness of motorcycling among the wider public and to promote the benefits of motorcycling to employers.”

The aim is, “To show the positive aspects of motorcycling in the media and encourage people to consider taking up biking as an alternative to driving.”

An interesting thought would be to try to get PTWs recognised in this way, outside the confines of the DOE – Department Of The Environment – road safety and the DRD – Department For Regional Development – safety of our roads.

Although riders have the use of the majority of Bus Lanes in Northern Ireland,  this mode of transport is something that they do not seem to want to promote – unlike cycling….

Save Time And Money

RTW-ParkingDuring the summer of 2014 the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations FEMA carried out mobility tests in various European cities using a combination of different modes of transport.

FEMA’s conclusion was that, “The mobility test proves that powered two-wheelers can contribute to improve mobility and reduce congestions all over Europe.

Individuals would spend less time and money commuting to work if they use a PTW.”

If you want to save time and money – use a bike!

One of the mobility tests took place in Dublin on the 10th September and went from Lexlip to Merrion Square in Dublin, 19 kilometres.

There were four means of transport ; motorcycle, bicycle, car and bus.

The motorcycle did the journey fastest, 27 minutes.

Even the bicycle was 35 minutes quicker than the car.

A commuter would save almost two hours every day by using a motorcycle instead of a car in Dublin.

At Right To Ride we wonder what a similar test would show for Belfast, considering PTWs can use the majority of Bus Lanes.

With the use of the Park And Ride facilities that seem to be springing up around the suburbs, whether the proposal for free On-Street Parking facilities for motorcycles in Belfast City Centre, if it ever materialises, would make a difference in delivering commuters on PTWs into the city.

Save Time And Money – on Right To Ride EU – Click Here

With 2015 almost upon us, could your organisation's new year resolution be to introduce a sustainable travel plan?

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