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mag-ireand-associationIntroducing the Irish Motorcyclists’ Association

Our good friends at MAG Ireland report that after they have undergone substantial changes over the past four years they have  introduced another change.

With immediate effect, MAG Ireland will cease to use the “The Irish Motorcyclists’ Action Group” as part of their formal title and will instead adopt the title “The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association”.

They will continue to be known by their short title “MAG Ireland” and their branding, domains, etc. will remain as is.

Their correspondence will refer to “MAG Ireland, the Irish Motorcyclists’ Association” in place of the old “MAG Ireland, the Irish Motorcyclists’ Action Group” and their various web properties will be updated to reflect this change over the coming months.

MAG Ireland say that, “Over the past decade we have increasingly moved from being reactive to being proactive.

Where a decade ago we would have been protesting an issue outside closed doors, we now increasingly find ourselves sitting across the table from the very people against whom we would once have been protesting.

As the organisation has moved away from a mostly adversarial approach towards one of engagement with the relevant authorities on the riders behalf we have found that the “action group” moniker has become ever more out of touch with our approach to promoting and protecting motorcycling today.

The “Action Group” tag line has served us well in the past but today representation is all about getting involved early on in the processes which will affect us as riders and making our views heard before laws are enacted because the day after is too late.

That’s not to say that there will never be a need to protest – there almost certainly will be – but today’s world calls for a much more nuanced approach.

MAG Ireland has evolved, and we believe that “The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association” reflects that change.”

MAG Ireland look forward to serving the interests of their membership and the wider motorcycle community for many years to come.

At Right To Ride we wish MAG Ireland all the best in their “new direction” and look forward to working closer with them in the future.
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