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nirats-logoRight To Ride welcomes the NI Rat and Survival Bikes as a supporter.

The NI Rats for short, started as an interest facebook group in June 2014, and are made up of Rat and Survival bike enthusiasts with members from almost all the Motorcycle Clubs in Northern Ireland.

The NI Rats are a collective that helps, encourages and shares opinions on any ratbike projects or low budget customs.

In the last 6 months the group took part in four meets and ride events including participation in a screening of Mad Max 2 from the Belfast Film Festival at the T13.

Tragically one of the group members (Ramy) lost his life on the 15th of November 2014, something that saw all of the Northern Irish biking community come together in support of a fallen brother.

NI Rats say, “All that  keeps us together is the love for all Rat and Survival Vehicles and most members are already members of Motorcycle Clubs.

Anyone that has a rat/survival bike, a rat project or shares our love for the dark side of motorcycling will be very welcome!

If it wasn’t for organizations like Right To Ride we would not have been able to have our rats on the road and have the freedom we still have at the minute.

Well done and Thank you Trevor!

The Rats will always be behind you!”

Although the NI Rats have no “leader” as such, our thanks to Fonzy and the guys and girls at the NI Rats for their support of Right To Ride.

We have been a member of the Rats Facebook groups since it started and although our own bike is more bright yellow than the Rat Bike recognised signature colour of matt black and is not ready for assimilation, our own tendencies are slanted towards the ethos and freedom of what the NI Rats are about.

NI Rats – On Facebook

NI Rats on the web – Click Here

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  1. Rat & Survival Northern Ireland

    A new Facebook page dedicated to all the RAT and SURVIVAL Community in Northern Ireland. Ratbikes, survival bikes, low budget customs and all other weird and cool stuff – spawned from the folks at NI Rat and Survival Bikes.
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