Flexalan Leather Dressing

boots1-250 Flexalan – Lanolised Leather Dressing – Not so much a recommendation (thank you Facebook for being useful for once) but a product test that comes from the world of horse care products from Flexalan that, “offers everything you need to add show-ring sparkle to your horse and tack.”

Apparently good stuff for the boots I use on the bike – soft and supple it says – waterproofing and renovating saddlery, golf bags, shooting boots and all articles made of leather and claims that it may be used “with benefit” that is the bees kness – just the job for use on motorcycle leathers.

My boots may not have the promised show-ring sparkle to them after brushing the Flexalan on, which was rapidly absorbed by the leather, with not much used from the 500ml tin with three applications with the brush, maybe a bit more spit and polish is required.

After this week’s soaking, with some moisture that seeped in after nine hours in the rain and a bit of tightness that the boots always had with heavy socks on, there is nothing lost in trying this product out.

Updates will be available after wet rides, which shouldn’t take too long to achieve…………….

I bought the Flexalan locally at Carrowdore Saddlery – 500ml tin: carrowdore-saddlery.co.uk

Also available at other local “horse type shops” in Northern Ireland.

Or direct from the suppliers/makers at www.flexalan.com based in Coleraine.

Trevor Baird
Right To Ride

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