Bollards At Sainsburys

sainsburysbollard4-250This may be the last post about the motorcycle parking bay at Sainsburys store on the Bangor Ring Road. The reason for this is because the parking bay has sorted out with the landlords of the retail park by fitting bollards to the bay.

Since the store opened in 2011, the design of the motorcycle parking bay has allowed cat drivers to park in the bay amongst motorcycles, scooters and cycles.

The bay, large in size has blockpaving as its surface area, the surrounding car park has a “tarmac” surface, so no sinking sidestands. The block paving differentiates the motorcycle parking space from the car parking with its bright orange sign and bordered by a raised concrete kerb.

The front end of the motorcycle parking bay had two bollards which would assist in delineating the parking bay in stopping other vehicle drivers parking in it, however the “entrances” did not have bollards which led to other vehicle drivers parking in the bay, just to get a couple of feet nearer to the shop entrance.

Space To Park

Quite often at any time car drivers were parked in the motorcycle parking bay (from those disabled drivers who could not access the disabled bays, this issue has also been sorted), to those using the cash machine at the entrance, to every driver that saw a space to park, ignoring the bright orange sign with the graphic of a motorcycle.

As one rider previously said, “Yes, the bike parking area in front of the new Bangor Sainsburys is very nice, unless some t**t in their (usually SUV type) car hasn’t decided to park in it because it’s closer to the door.” or “My wife and I have been there when a female motorcyclist was verbally abused by a car driver even though he was about to park in that area. Better putting bollards up to keep them out.”

A simple solution was put in place by Sainsburys in October by placing heavy duty advertising units at each end the bay – thus leaving room for motorcycles to enter and park in the bay, along with the cycle parking.

Now the permanent solution is the fitting of the bollards thus only allowing access by motorcyclists, scooters and cyclists to what is after all, a dedicated parking bay for those vehicles

Although it took a bit longer than we would have liked, we are happy with the outcome and thank you Sainsburys for an early Christmas gift in the run up to the holiday season!

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Bollards At Sainsburys

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