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coast-250 On our Right To Ride EU Facebook page, one half of the “team” has just had an epiphany after driving in Italy on the Via Aurelia, (through San Remo) which is the main road going down the coast from France to Genoa.

The other half at Right To Ride EU had no such epiphany, having lived in Italy for several years and therefore used to scooters and mopeds being an everyday utilitarian mode of personal transport.

One comment is that riding and using two wheeled transport is not the big deal that we make of it in the UK. Simply in Italy, it is just how you get around!

You may indulge in the world of Facebook, so here are a few snippets from our Facebook page.

Facebook is a useful tool to get some of our messages and interesting pieces of news out quickly that just do not fit onto or into our normal website posts and pages.

These do pop up on our home page at the bottom in the Facebook section but can be missed if we are posting and commenting regularly.

We will try and give you non – Facebook users links to “normal” websites.

2015 Adelaide Motorcycle Festival

adelaideshow2015The dates have been announced for the 2015 Adelaide Motorcycle Festival at the Kings Hall Belfast.

6th – 7th – 8th February 2015

Will you be there?

Last year’s show on video – Click Here

Project Velocity

project-velocity-slider-250Project Velocity the Northern Ireland team made up of students from the Engineering department at Queen’s University whose objective is to beat a motorcycle land speed record.

We will be there in spirit pushing Sam out onto the salt flats because for us, Sam represents the passion for speed in Northern Ireland and deserves that chance to succeed.

Sam was on UTV with Phillip McCallen.


MoT Roller Brake Test

Have you taken your bike through the “new” roller brake test at MoT time recently.

We would like to know your thoughts – did you put the bike through or did the MoT tester operate your bike.

Was it because you were not confident. Have you a bigger bike to put through have you come up with the tester not being comfortable putting your bike through e.g. Goldwing or other large tourer or taller bike. What will happen when nobody wants to put the bike through the test?

The video below shows a similar test to that in Northern Ireland – adapted car rollers – but with raised frame that looks like for the rider to put their feet – the video also shows how the wheel “jumps” up out of the rollers – note the use of a female rider in what could not be described as riding gear making all the rest of us ruffty-tuffty riders (male & female) feeling inadequate?

There have been interesting comments, the main concern was what happens if your bike is dropped if you are putting it through the brake test or if the tester is operating the test on your bike.

Also the issue of the example of a large bike and you or the tester not comfortable to put it through the test – does it fail.

Our report on the test from March 2014 – Click Here

Wire Rope Barriers

wirerope-barrier-a1-pic1-oct-2014-500We wished the A11 Riders Action Group all the best for their 25th October demo over in Norwich England.

We covered their previous demo in September against the fitting of wire rope systems on the A11 project between Thetford and Barton Mills in Norfolk – England.

For Northern Ireland an update on the issue of the latest scheme that will use a wire rope system is the new A8 (Larne Line) Duelling Project.

The project is under construction by a consortium of companies, government departments and is funded by various means including- Lagan Construction, Ferrovial Agroman and Costain Ltd.

It is co-financed by the European Union Trans-European Transport Network (TENT), Northern Ireland Assembly and the Irish Government. With the department “responsible” being the Department for Regional Development (DRD).

A meeting has been arranged in early November (2014) to meet with the DRD Minister – Danny Kennedy – at Stormont – Parliament Buildings – with local concerned rider and politician and a representative off riders representing – Right To Ride – British Motorcyclists Federation – Motorcycle Action Group.

So a first step in looking at the issue of wire rope barriers – will we get something resolved – lets wait and see.

Meanwhile here are a couple of pictures of “ARMCO” type barriers just taken in France – nothing like that in Northern Ireland and we still have to see any wire rope barriers on our travels.

A11 Facebook page – Click Here
Right To Ride – Crash Barriers – Wired Up! – Click Here

N.I. Bikers & Trikers Riding For Charity

ev-nitrikersbikers-2015-180From N.I. Bikers & Trikers Riding For Charity – In excess of £2000 raised for charities in 2014 and a list of fund raising dates for next year 2015.

“Many thanks to everyone who joined our group on our five charity runs this year , your support has helped us to deliver funds in excess of £2000 again this year to our chosen charities.

Please find pictured below our planned runs for 2015 and add them to your diaries , we look forward to your continued and valuable support , thanks again.”

On Facebook

Engaging With Young Riders

From the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) – In Finland young moped riders and young motorcyclists gather regularly to ride together and have the biggest fun on two wheels.

Now that is how to engage with young riders – any Tesco car parks free this weekend or “On Any Sunday”?

FEMA website – Click Here

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