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Angels Of Hope – Ovarian Cancer Awareness – Charity Ride Out

On a weekend when we saw the temperatures drop,  I headed out to N.I. Bikers & Trikers Club Angels Of Hope charity ride out.

Meeting at A1 Tyres on the A1 between Dromore and Banbridge, over a hundred bikes assembled to take part in the ride out.

It was the usual collection of bikes and trikes of all styles and sizes from shiny to matt black and olive green, with a couple of pit bikes a road going Quad not to mention a special three wheel Harley-Davidson.

The Harley-Davidson, originally a police bike from America is a standard bike with two wheels bolted onto the frame, which are pretty easy to un-bolt and ride the bike away on two wheels.

I don’t know what bike/trike the owner Drennan will turn up on next but I always look forward to his next appearance.

For myself the run was a bit of a mystery tour to places I’ve heard of but never been too, like Benburb, which has a castle, Camlough and a few places in between that honestly I had no clue where I was, until a sign that said: Dundalk 12 miles.

Then as the run came under the Egyptian Arch outside Newry I recalled a story for another day from a couple of decades ago around 1970 of a foggy Newry town and an Uncle who said that after we go through the Egyptian Arch the fog will clear and it did as if by magic.

A dollop of that fine condiment – HP Sauce

threewheelharley-250The Egyptian Arch is a railway bridge and gained its name from its resemblance to the nemes headdress worn by Ancient Egyptian pharaohs or even perhaps the design was based on the Pylon, or gateway to an ancient Egyptian Temple.

Anyway the run attended by over a hundred riders was raising funds for the Angels of Hope, which is Northern Ireland’s only ovarian cancer charity. The charity was founded in May 2003 in memory of Julie Clarke and aims to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer throughout the general and medical population and offers support to sufferers, survivors and their families.

The run ended up at the Park Inn – Scarva, where a steaming hot bowl of stew was on offer and there was conversation of “how do you get stew so hot while not burning a layer of stew to the bottom of the pot”, finished of with a dollop of that fine condiment – HP Sauce – the stew was most welcome.

The run was finished off with the raffle draw and as usual a block of tickets purchased ended up with nothing won (by me of course!) but well worth the donation.

N.I. Bikers & Trikers Club message everybody on their Facebook page, “Many thanks from us all at N.I. Bikers & Trikers Club for your support today on our 3rd Angels of Hope Ride-Out – £570 raised for the charity.

From the feedback a very enjoyable days craic , topped off by a very much needed bowl of stew at the Park Inn – Scarva.

Thanks again to A-One Tyres , the Commons Furniture , the Park Inn , all the marshalls, the organisers , and again to all who came along to join us for a good days craic!”

Trevor Baird – Right To Ride

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N.I.Bikers & Trikers Club – Angels Of Hope – October 2014

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