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fimlogoThe FIM – Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme has proudly announced the inauguration of the FIM Institute.

The Institute set up by the FIM is a non-profit organisation which is located in the TechnoPark MotorLand (Alcañiz, Spain), that will develope technological solutions to improve safety in motorsport and sustainability in the world of motorcycling.

All of the FIM Commissions are involved in the work of the FIM Institute, those commissions include:

The Touring and Leisure Commission (CTL) – includes in its remit, to study and co-ordinate all activities aimed at creating special services for motorcycle-riding tourists and developing road-based motorcycling as a legitimate means of recreation and transport and promotes the cause of motorcycling with land planning authorities and environmentalists.

The Public Affairs Commission (CAP) – defends the rights of motorcyclists as citizens and consumers. It also deals with the safety of riders on the road – also the quality and safety of products used in motorcycling. It advises FIM Management – particularly in relation to international and EU law which increasingly affects motorcycling. It also supports the Continental Unions and National Federations of the FIM, and riders in general, in dealing with national governments and agencies. It has a major role in the promotion of rider training.

With the “road going” rider and road safety represented within the FIM Institute and with the focus of research and development projects, at Right To Ride we look forward to pertinent and relevant results to support and benefit motorcycling.

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Inauguration of the FIM Institute

fiminstitute-250The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is proud to announce the inauguration of the FIM Institute located in TechnoPark MotorLand (Alcañiz, Spain). The Institute is a non-profit organisation set up by the FIM that develops technological solutions to improve safety in motorsport and sustainability in the world of motorcycling.

The ceremony was held on Friday 26 September, in the presence of Messrs. Vito Ippolito (FIM President), Arturo Aliaga (MotorLand President), Antonio Gasión (MotorLand CEO), Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna CEO), representatives of the FIM, Dorna, the local Authorities and members of the local and international Media.

After the inauguration, FIM President Vito Ippolito explained: “The FIM Institute represents a great step forward for our Federation. The safety of the riders and the circuits is a top priority for the FIM and we plan to test in these laboratories devices and materials aimed at safer motorcycling and to analyse the way accidents happen in order to try to prevent them. MotorLand offered us good facilities and high-level experts in close proximity to an important circuit. We would like to thank the local authorities and the management of MotorLand for all their support.”

Mr. Arturo Aliaga added: “The presence of the FIM is an important support for TechnoPark MotorLand. The TechnoPark offers the best conditions and facilities for carrying out such tests focused on safety and this Institute is an excellent boost for the great sports and technology complex of MotorLand.”

All the FIM Commissions are involved in the work of the FIM Institute.

In addition to motorsport competition, the FIM also concerns itself with other, non-sporting aspects of motorcycling.

About the FIM Institute

Health and safety through technology

The FIM Institute is responsible for research and development projects focusing on different areas related to motorcycling, including road safety, medical and health prevention technology, the environment, approval of equipment, improving standards for circuits, researching new materials and improving standards for the testing of safety devices.

A wide range of expertise

The FIM Institute can call on all the capabilities and expertise offered by MotorLand Aragon and the companies and foundations located in TechnoPark MotorLand, including Moto Engineering Foundation and TESSA (Technologies and Systems for Automotive Safety Laboratory).

In developing its projects, the FIM Institute can also work with many other companies and institutes depending on the Government of Aragon and offering a wide variety of expertise including engineering, nanotechnology, biocomputing, mathematics, energy, recycling, hydrogen technology and industrial design.

The Institute’s local partners

The Moto Engineering Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up in 2008 that develops research and innovation projects in specific technology applied to motorcycles and other vehicles.

The headquarters has world-class high-technology facilities that include sensing labs, engine labs, dynamic labs, electronic labs and technology labs, as well as workshops to test chassis, engines and electronics, barriers, helmets and riders’ protective gear.

About the FIM (

The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) founded in 1904, is the governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM is an independent association formed by 109 National Federations throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in motorcycle sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Among its 50 FIM World Championships the main events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance, Motocross, Supercross, Trial, Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and Speedway. Furthermore, the FIM is also active and involved in the following areas: public affairs, road safety, touring and protection of the environment. The FIM was the first international sports federation to impose an Environmental Code in 1994.

TESSA, also located in TechnoPark Motorland, is a company belonging to Zaragoza University that focuses its activity on impact testing. The company analyses components and systems affecting the safety of vehicles, their occupants and other users of the roads.

In addition to the technological capabilities of TechnoPark MotorLand, the FIM Institute also has access to the MotorLand Aragón circuits and facilities. MotorLand is a multifunctional complex unique in the world, with three sports areas: the road racing track, the international karting circuit and the off-road circuits (Motocross, Supermoto, Enduro, dirt track, etc.), and a place for training riders, officials and staff for competition and live testing of homologated devices.

Progress through synergies

Thanks to all these facilities, the FIM Institute is located in a technological environment that promotes synergies between different organisations. This environment helps the FIM Institute to complete its projects and achieve its objectives.

This work will undoubtedly have a positive impact that will bring lasting improvements to the motorcycling world.

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