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iamslowride-250Last week while hovering over a table of various canapés and cocktail sausages at the rebranding launch of Adelaide Insurance Services as Cornmarket Insurance Services, I was introduced (thanks Monty) to the folks from the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group.

Our first conversation was about the group name and whether it would be changing to reflect the rebranding to  Cornmarket Insurance Services. The answer was no, the group name would be staying the same and the Adelaide name would also be staying with the motorcycle insurance – Adelaide Motorbike Insurance.

The next conversation was that the group was holding a “Slow Riding Training Session” at the Ulster Grand Prix Site and the invitation was there to come along and see what it was all about.

I could only say yes out of curiosity, with the opportunity to bring along the Biker NI Safety (CRASH) Card and quite a while since I had been up around the roads there and the good weather was forecasted to last.

The pictures accompanying this article probably tell a better story than I can explain but basically it was as slow as the rider with control and concentration could progress the laid out course, which included a section on emergency stops.

As I was not “part” of the group I watched from the sidelines at the concentration and was impressed at the slow riding skills – organisation and comradery of all involved.

The Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group explain what the day was about and how it went:

“The Adelaide National Slow Riding Session was attended by 36 bikers from Adelaide, Lisburn, North Down and Mid Ulster.

The disciplines were slalom riding, left/right U-turns, start stops, emergency stops and figure of eight. We used 100 cones for the site.

No bikes were dropped in the session and some bikers enhanced their slow riding skills.

The weather was fine so the grip on the track was perfect for riders who were a bit unsure.

The debrief was done by our Chairman, Gary, and the various Groups were grateful for the opportunity to practise these skills which are necessary for the Advanced Test.

The riders were then invited to the Ballymac Hotel for a hot buffet lunch.

The effort and enthusiasm was fantastic. Hope there was enough challenge for those that were more experienced and enough help and encouragement for those that are new to the experience. We hope that more people will make use of the facility and many thanks to the UGP committee for allowing the use of the area.”

What It Is About

Adelaide-Motorbike-Insurance-WHITE-Logo-250If you have not heard about the IAM – Institute of Advanced Motorists – and what it is about the aims and objectives of the IAM are :

  1. To improve the standards of driving (and riding) on the roads
  2. The improvement of road safety or Greater road safety or The promotion of road safety
  3. The administration of a nationally recognised advanced test

The main focus of the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists is to help make riders safer and more responsible on our roads.

Emphasis is progressive riding through one-to-one observed rides.

They operate a mentoring system with associates being paired with an observer from the group.

The observer will arrange a suitable timetable to ensure the associates gets the most out of each observed run.

They also meet on a weekly basis where observers can swap associates offering additional support and encouragement, offering a more rounded educational experience.

The group delivers this through the IAM’s Skills for Life Programme which prepares each rider for the advanced test through regular one-to-one sessions with a qualified IAM Observer and various group ride-outs and seminars.

The group say that once a rider passes the IAM Advanced Riding Test, they will be a more controlled, confident, and ultimately, a better rider.

The Group President is Phillip McCallen from Phillip McCallen Motorcycles, with Gary McComb of Bikesafe as Chairperson.
To find out more about Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists or the other groups in Northern Ireland – Lisburn, North Down and Mid Ulster you can go through any of the links below.
Trevor Baird


Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists NI – Webpage – Click Here
Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists NI – On Facebook
Lisburn Advanced Motorcyclists – On Facebook
Find all Northern Ireland IAM Groups – Click Here

Biker NI Safety (CRASH) Card

crashcardlogosmall-250The card is placed in the motorcyclist’s helmet containing medical and personal details so that emergency services and others can act in the best interests of a casualty.

One side of the card carries the mnemonic CRASH for helpful hints which will assist the 999 call taker if a rider has come off but is not seriously injured or happens across an accident and is using the card as a prompt.

The other side gives riders space to write their name, date of birth and medication.

When medical personnel arrive at the scene of a collision they can identify that an unconscious or seriously ill rider has a card in their helmet by a small green sticker placed on the right hand side of the  helmet.

IAM Adelaide National Slow Riding Session

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