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helmetpsnicutstrap-250Both Hein Gericke in Belfast and Davy’s Bikes in Bangor, who both recently took on the Biker NI Safety (CRASH) Card, are offering riders a great deal and a safe deal on purchasing a new helmet.

The Hein Gericke – Motorcycle Helmet renewal scheme and the Davy’s Bikes – Helmet Scrappage Scheme came about after PSNI Road Policing posted up on their Facebook page a picture, with a warning after a rider was spotted wearing a “faulty” helmet.

“Road Policing officers in the west of the province spotted a motorcyclist wearing this helmet recently.

As you can can see, the strap is broken and unable to be secured.

A disaster waiting to happen!

Don’t take a chance with safety equipment that is designed to save your life!”

Biker NI Safety Card commends Hein Gericke Belfast and Davy’s Bikes for coming up with their schemes, well done folks!

Details of their schemes are below.

Hein Gericke Belfast – Motorcycle Helmet Renewal Scheme

A deal for a new helmet from Hein Gericke in Belfast – Don’t forget you can get the Biker NI Safety (CRASH) card at Hein Gericke.

“Folks don’t forget about our Motorcycle Helmet Renewal Scheme.

Our aim is to help you replace your old helmet, may it be damaged or just on it’s last legs.

We will give you 10% off any helmet in our LS2, Nolan, Takai and HJC range and 15% off any helmet in our Schuberth Range.

We cut the strap from your old helmet so that no one can use it again and dispose of the helmet.”

Hein Gericke Belfast – On Facebook

Davy’s Bikes – Helmet Scrappage Scheme

“Our helmet scrappage discount applies to all our helmets regardless of brand or price.

We stock helmets from £39.99 – £529.99.

Your old helmet is worth 10% or £10 of a new one (which ever is greater) when we scrap it.

And you can get a CRASH card at Davy’s Bikes!

Davy’s Bikes Bangor – On Facebook

Information & Links

PSNI Road Policing – On Facebook

Details correct going to press 03/09/14 check with Hein Gericke Belfast and Davy’s Bikes Bangor

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