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tarmacjunkiescutoff Tarmacjunkys cutoff for a good cause – you may remember this idea to get an original Levi denim jacket and wack the sleeves off – with the aim to sew on motorcycle patches donated from around the world.

Once the cut-off was full of patches, then it was to be auctioned off and the funds donated to a good cause.

Right To Ride donated a patch and you can now donate or bid to win the cut off which has patches donated from as far away as the USA.

All monies raised through Just Giving is being donated to Autism NI (PAPA) which is Northern Ireland’s main Autism charity.

Billy Clark from Tarmacjunkys said, “So it’s finely there all sewing on and now I needed to think which charity I would like for the raised funds  to go to …autism…this was something that I heard and seen on a daily bases among friends family’s  struggling to cope ….It hit a nerve I guess  as going thought life that I did I think it’s only fair to try help a good cause such as autism.”

TARMACJUNKYS was created in Northern Ireland and can be found  though its blogspot, Facebook group and Facebook page.

The group has a “following” from around the world and it is all about sharing photos and stories of past and present runs, parties and custom motorcycles.

Built for those who are addicted to custom bikes, be they choppers, bobbers, classics, or just that back street build.

TARMACJUNKYS say, “We all live the life so why not share our skills and knowledge to others, so that they can build and ride the safe way!”

It’s all about bikes! – The riding and who’s building what – It’s all about love, respect and the freedom of the road for all.

To donate or bid for the cut off visit the Just giving page – Click Here

Autism NI

Autism NI is Northern Ireland’s main Autism charity.

Formed in 1989 the charity supports a network of 30 branches and local support groups across NI providing free advice and information, a helpline service, support for parents and carers and a wide range of training courses throughout NI.



TARMACJUNKYS – Facebook Group – Click Here
TARMACJUNKYS – Facebook Page – Click Here

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