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georgemillermotorcycles-250George Miller Motorcycles who are based in the village of Ardstraw just outside Omagh in Co.Tyrone have become the latest dealer to take on the Biker NI Safety (Crash) Card.

George Miller Motorcycles has been a Suzuki dealer for around 35 years now and George himself, a spritely 77 years old is still a major influence in the Dealership with his Grandson Dean Miller now being the owner.

As well as being a Franchised Suzuki Dealer, they also stock a large range of pre-owned motorcycles, carry a large stock of Helmets, Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories and stock a comprehensive range of spare parts and Genuine Accessories for Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Triumph.

Crash Card

helmetThe Crash Card is placed inside your helmet lining as a medical alert.

Details which you the rider have written on the card, provides vital information for attending ambulance crews or emergency responders if the motorcyclist is injured in a road traffic collision or unable to talk coherently because of concussion or having been knocked out.

The other side of the card has the memory aid CRASH – CRASH is intended to be a set of easy to remember steps to keep you or the other unfortunate rider safe, if either has been involved in a road traffic collision accident.

The card follows a similar set of questions universally used by ambulance service control centres, and focuses on safety, the location of the accident, and how serious it is.

To let those attending the scene of a collision know about this vital information the rider places a sticker on the outside of the helmet, on the right hand side (NOT on the visor or other attachments), indicating that a rider or pillion is carrying a safety card inside the lining of their helmet.

The Crash Card which is free to riders has been funded in 2014 by the PSNI BikeSafe rider assessment scheme.


bikesafelogo250BikeSafe consists mainly of one to one riding with a police motorcyclist.

By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists can advise you on how to become a safer, more competent rider and help you avoid some of the most common causes of accident and death.

They can also help you to increase your ability and confidence, so you can get even more enjoyment from riding your motorcycle.

George Miller Motorcycles

Our thanks to George Miller Motorcycles for taking on the card and here’s to another 35 years of motorcycling to them!

Links Information

George Miller Motorcycles – On Facebook
BikeSafe in Northern Ireland – Click Here
Caution – don’t put yourself in danger
Road – what is your exact location?
Accident – involving how many vehicles?
Serious – is anyone unresponsive?
Help – don’t move the casualty, call 999
Biker NI Safety Card – On Facebook

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