Ancestors MCC Rally

ancestors-rally-august-2014-180On Saturday 10th August 2014 we headed to the Ancestors MCC 15th Drunken Assholes Rally.

The rally was being held at Cooke Rugby Club near Shaws Bridge on the outskirts of Belfast.

We only stayed on the Saturday afternoon missing the evenings frivolities, as the rally name suggests supping a few drinks.

We caught up with a few people, some we hadn’t seen since the nineties and like ourselves not looking that shabby after all these years.

Not a bad wee day out and as always in Northern Ireland the weather was just a day away from torrential rain and strong winds.

The bad weather moved in to Northern Ireland with a vengeance on Sunday with the Quay Vipers MCC cancelling their 14th Animal Sanctuary Ride Out because of the adverse weather warnings.

We suppose that only Northern Ireland would be hit by the aftermath of a hurricane named “Bertha” and not the next exotically named hurricane from the other side of the world, hurricane Cristobal, ah well!

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Ancestors MCC – 15th Drunken Assholes Rally – August 2014

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