Ride Out For Peace

ev-peace-sept-2014-250For those of you long enough in the tooth, you may remember the Northern Ireland Peace Rides which were organised well over a decade ago by Uel Irwin and ran for ten years from 1998.

The Northern Ireland Peace Ride was non-political, but was aimed to encourage people to have respect for each other.

Ride organiser Uel Irwin at the time said, “Motorcycling is a great example of how people get on together. All through the years, we’ve had great co-operation in the north and in the south – People from all parts.”

Adding that, “We’re not really politically motivated but we are making a statement that we do get on well together, why don’t others.”

Now after all these years, another ride to promote peace as part of the United Nations’ (UN) International Peace Day is taking place on Sunday the 21st September 2014.

‘Motorcycle Ride Out’ to Promote Peace

ev-peace-details-sept-2014-250The Bigg Life Arts Festival based in North Street Belfast will be hosting the ‘Motorcycle Ride Out’ to promote peace.

The ride out will start from North Street, then along Bangor Road to ‘The Goat’s Toe’ in Bangor Town where riders can get some food, drink and entertainment!

Then it is back to Belfast via Newtownards and the A20.

The bike run is open to all types of bikes and the route is 125cc friendly.

Entertainment and food is included for a £5.00 donation to the Bigg Life Community Arts Centre charity.

The charity provides music training to young people whom are at risk of falling victim to the criminal justice system.

“Why We Ride”

Along with the ride out, Bigg Life Arts Festival will also be screening “Why We Ride” an insight into the motorcycle culture (Run Time: 89 mimutes)

“Why We Ride” is a story about who we are. Individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore. From a kid’s dream come true, to a retiree’s return to freedom. From a family riding together on the sand dunes, to hundreds of choppers carving through the canyons – the bond is the same. It’s about the passion of the riders and the soul of their machines.”


Sunday’s For Bikers!

big lifeWhile the ride clashes with two other motorcycle ride outs on that day, both Right To Ride Supporters Events – Strand Bikers MCC – The Philip Kennedy Rideout from Downpatrick and Lizzie Drakes MCC – Annual Jimmy Donaghy Memorial Poker Run from Lisburn, the Bigg Life Community Arts Centre invites bikers to the centre on any Sunday.

You can call in and have hot food and drinks at their Cafe Wah! – every Sunday 1pm – 3pm with all types of coffee’s only £1.

So why not call in before or after your Sunday run or just chill out and checkout the vintage biker clothing at Young Savage. The centre also supports biker meet ups and rideouts.

You can find the Bigg Life Arts Centre at 89 – 93 North Street Belfast and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BIGGLIFEARTS

View events on Right To Ride – Click Here

Why we Ride Video Trailer

Bigg Life Community Arts Centre

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  1. A bit about the Northern Ireland Peace Ride which ran for ten years from 1998.

    Keep the Peace… It’s nice not to be having to run a Peace Ride again…thankfully most of our NI troubles are over……or are they?

    Trevor asked me to contibute, so the first Peace Ride ran on 10.10.1998 and I ran ten of them…. and also a small pre-show in Carrickfergus Civic Centre on the Friday evening.

    It attracted people from all over NI, the South a few from Scotland and a group from the English Midlands area (Birmingham,) also a good group from the NW and Donegal area.

    Its aim was to bring all aspects of motorcycling together and it did that, with all groups and individuals well represented.

    It was a great example of co-operation, eg MC/ Clubs, BMF, MAG and CMA, etc.

    Each year a year sticker, or badge was given to all participants and we still have some left, as a few got the whole ten year’s collection.

    Alison Machin, Artist and MAG member also painted me a big Slemish Mountain piece of art on a sheet, which I was able to unroll and use as a wall hanging.

    Finally I got two St Patricks Cross flags made up and they led the NI Peace Ride…and I still have them.

    The NI Motorcycle Tours/ Motorcycleviews logo still is a profile of Slemish with a St Partick’s Cross and if fully drawn, a motorcycle.
    It was at Slemish St Patrick first brought the message of peace to the country.

    As time went on NI, the UK and Republic of Ireland agreed a peace stradegy and ‘our troubles diminished.’

    Ride Safe and Free,
    Samuel (Uel) Irwin

  2. Can You Help?
    The organisors of the Ride Out For Peace are looking for riders to help marshall the event?
    They need at least 6 motorcycle riders to help out on the day.
    Contact the organisor through the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/biggybigmore

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