MAG National Demo

MAG National Demo – Saturday 23 August 2014

As part of the MAG National demos in the UK, MAG in Northern Ireland will be holding a demo in Belfast.

So what has MAG said nationally on the proposed demo.

How much is a life worth?

Every day, a motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured on the road due to the actions of a driver who didn’t pay attention, or even look out into the road.

Nine times out of ten, the driver receives a pitiful sentence for careless driving, or worse still, nothing more than a driving ban; meanwhile, a family loses someone who cannot be replaced.

Sorry mate, I didn’t see you!…is the most common excuse for a driver when a rider has been knocked off.

It doesn’t matter if the rider is wearing hi-viz, with headlights on or not.

It’s time that this changed!

Best Political Lobbying – Lip Service

The purpose of the demo is to raise awareness on the theme that too many riders are being knocked from their bikes; that drivers are being mildly punished or getting off free, and that we – every day – see that the errors of other road users are putting our lives at risk, while we are being popularly held up to blame.

This year there have been even more deaths than usual, and it’s our perception that the majority are due to driver errors and poor planning/maintenance.

Our best political lobbying efforts on key issues have received lip-service and duplicitous underhandedness so it is time for action.

The demos will take place in at least nine cities, including London, Glasgow and Belfast.

The event has been created on the MAG Facebook page and more information will be available from this page (MAG Facebook Page) and the MAG website.

Also, your Regional Reps will have more details in due course (other cities are being sorted out as we speak).

Usual Demos

These will not be the usual demos you’ve seen from MAG recently.

Every year, thousands of bikes gather in Brussels to protest at the EU parliament’s scant disregard for riders’ rights. (at the demo attended by MAG Chairman John Mitchell in 2012, over 7,000 bikes parked along the Rue de la Loi, outside the EU Parliament HQ) and it wasn’t a silent protest.

It’s time us brits (sic) took a leaf out of their book.

Now you see us!

August 23rd 2014.

At Right To Ride we wait for an expansion on the aims of the demo and whether MAG is only playing its own lip service to riders concerns without actual substance to these issues!

The Motorcycle Action Group –

MAG Demo on Facebook – Click Here

MAG in Northern Ireland is on Facebook – Click Here

Demonstration Facebook page – Click Here

Links & Information

Judicial Studies Board for Northern ireland – Sentencing Guidelines Magistrates Court – Road Traffic Offences – Click Here

Sentencing Guidelines Council – Causing Death Causing Death by Driving – pdf 0.36mb – Click Here

“Cyclists, motorbike riders, horse riders, pedestrians and those working in the road are vulnerable road users and a driver is expected to take extra care when driving near them. The fact that the victim of a causing death by driving offence was a particularly vulnerable road user is a factor that should be taken into account when determining the seriousness of an offence.”
Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland – Road Traffic Policy – Click Here

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