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oldlicence1Our “Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fatality Report 2012″ has received a mention in the – Thames Valley Speed Cameras – An independent Report – Speeding And Road Safety.

Our study looked at 39 cases relating to motorcycle fatalities in Northern Ireland (UK) between 2004 and 2010.

The Thames Valley Report website by Dave Finney looks overall at what effect mobile and fixed speed cameras have on road safety.

Speeding And Road Safety looks at the claims about speeding (exceeding the speed limit) and accidents, speed as a factor crashes, speeds wide definition including excessive or inappropriate speed and asks the question, so what are the facts?

The report quotes the often used statement that – “Motorcycles and mopeds make up less than 1% of vehicle traffic, but their riders suffer 14% of the total deaths and serious injuries on Britain’s roads.” Although in GB the DfT (Department for Transport) THINK! campaign states this figure is 19% with 30 motorcyclists killed or injured every day at junctions.

In Northern Ireland our own DOE (Department Of The Environment) in the Take Another Look video state that half of motorcyclists deaths and serious injuries are due to drivers put that another way half of motorcyclists deaths and serious injuries are due to other factors.

The Speeding And Road Safety report asks are deaths and serious injuries on Britain’s roads because motorcyclists exceed speed limits?

The report states that a depth study on motorcycle accidents by the DfT states:

“Speeding was found to be common among the respondents, with 58% (n ¼ 143) admitting to always, or frequently, breaking the speed limit. The remaining respondents admitted to ‘occasionally’ breaking the speed limit but only when they thought it was safe to do so. Travelling in excess of the speed limit was considered to be a contributory factor in just 3.5% accidents on the motorcycle accident database”.

The report concludes that, “All motorcyclists admitted speeding, yet over 96% of motorcycle accidents occurred when no-one was speeding. “

Using our fatality study the report states, “There were 39 fatal motorcycle accidents investigated (36% of the total in the 7 years from 2004 to 2010).” and that, “There were four cases (10.3%) of speeding, but in all cases, the actions of the other vehicle driver precipitated the collision.” the report concludes that, “In Northern Ireland, over 89% of motorcyclist fatalities occurred when the motorcyclists were not speeding.”

The evidence provided in our report indicates that each road traffic collision is unique but that in all cases the time frame from the perceived hazard to the conclusion of the impact either with another vehicle or with road infrastructure was typically between 2 and 3 seconds.

Motorcycle Fatalities

oldlicence-smallSince the start of the year here in Northern Ireland six motorcyclists have lost their lives in fatal collisions to date (16th June 2014) in 2013 to date there were no motorcycle fatalities In total in 2013 there were 10 motorcyclist fatalities.

Two motorcyclists were killed in collisions with tractors – Two killed in collisions with cars – two with no other vehicle involved – Three of the fatalities happened on a Saturday – One on a Friday – One on a Monday – One on a Tuesday – the youngest rider was 28 and the oldest rider was 49 (information from BBC news reports) – our thoughts and condolences to these fellow riders families and friends.

For those trying to understand the reasons and what are the issues are, which can be done to reduce motorcycle fatalities it is a far more complicated question than can be answered simply.

For riders we would urge erring on the side of caution when out there, with anticipation, getting your eyes up and scanning ahead. Also there are post rider assessments from the PSNI Bikesafe scheme, advanced training from IAM and RoSPA all which will do no harm in taking. Neither will sitting down and looking through the Rider Risk Safety Videos from Australia.

For other vehicle drivers – we don’t know what the answer is however for and including riders – as posted up recently on the PSNI Traffic Police Facebook page – a picture of an old Northern Ireland driving licence with the inscription on the back – Care – Courtesy – Consideration Save Lives – which is still as relevant today as it was back then!

Links & Information

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Motorcycle Casualties Northern IrelandFatalities – 16 (2009) – 8 (2010) – 6 (2011) – 4 (2012) – 10 – (2013)
All Motorcycle Casualties – Killed and Seriously Injured – Slight Injured –
Motorcyclists – 414 (2009) – 375 (2010) – 346 (2011) – 289 (2012) – 311 (2013)
Pillion passengers – 20 (2009) – 19 – (2010) – 15 (2011) – 14 (2012) – 16 (2013)
Police Service of Northern Ireland – statistics on injury road traffic collisions – Click Here

Rider Risk Video On Braking

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