Wooden Barriers

wood-barrier-pic2-smallFor those who have an interest in Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) – Crash Barriers and who doesn’t here, are some pictures of a wooden VRS on a very rural French country road.

What else would one do when out walking and thinking about what one comes across……………..

Now all isn’t as it seems, as the upright supports are metal – clad with wood – the top rail is wood but has been cut in half along its length and then put back together with a “sandwich” of metal – about quarter of an inch thick in the middle.

Now while it is placed in a very rural road and possibly the minuteness of chance of a rider and bike impacting it, if you look at most barrier systems the support rail protrudes over the top of the rail similar to this example.

Not very conducive for a rider impacting and sliding along the top of the rail.

While you are out and about see how many barriers have the support post protruding over the top of the rail!

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