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bmf-rider-spring-2014-small We love a mention in print, because it makes some of our “stuff” seem worthwhile.

We have been mentioned in the latest edition of the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation” member magazine – Motorcycle Rider – yes you have to be a member to receive it.

Howard Anderson Northern Ireland Regional Chairman in his report says, “The recent Belfast Adelaide Motorcycle Festival was once again a great success under Nutt Promotions……………… Corporate member Nutt Travel was also there promoting their ferry travel deals for this up and coming riding season. I spent time on two stands helping Write To Ride – Right To Ride continue to distribute the helmet safety cards as endorsed by Bikesafe and of course the BMF…………….”

Apart from that we would just like to say what an excellent magazine this issue is and bid all the best to the BMF’s Government Relations Executive – Chris Hodder – as he leaves that role to work with Rowan Public Affairs who mainly provide lobbying services to the Motorcycle Industry Association.

That Place Called “Facebook”

If you don’t do Facebook or haven’t liked us then here are few of our posts and comments especially regarding today April the First!

We like todays top news story, that helmet number plates are to be introduced.

Although we had heard that decades of riders would be receiving a road tax rebate as on the V5 our taxation class is “BICYCLE” not motorcycle.

This would also mean we would be able to ride on footpaths, go through red lights, ride more than two abreast and use cycle lanes across the country.

Australian Motorcycle News

A blatant ad for Michelin tyres because its a good ad – although in the interests of balance at Right To Ride on the BMW it is always Metzlers for us?

So below is a video from them.

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