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Highwaymen Safety Card 014-250 The Highwaymen MCC – Right To Ride Club Supporters are the latest club to receive the NI Biker Safety (CRASH) Card.

The club was formed last year and they are looking forward to a bright new future.

Melvyn Anderson the club founder, explains the history of the formation of the Highwaymen MCC, about the club and their future.

“Hi – My name is Melvyn Anderson and I have been riding bikes for over 20 years. In that time I have had some small bikes and over the last few years I’ve riden 600 cc to 1000cc bikes. I have also had a 750 cc Kawasaki custom trike which I worked on myself with the help of a friend.

Four years ago I started doing charity bike runs and last year I started up the Highwaymen MCC.

The Highwaymen MCC was formed in the Highway Inn in Lisburn, Co. Down.

I proposed starting the club to the proprietors of the Highway Inn and they were delighted to support the new club.

Highwaymen MCC has been created primarily for motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages over 18.

It is aimed at the club members having a friendly, family like atmosphere on club runs and fund-raising nights etc.

The club is also involved in charity fund raising events.

All are made welcome at the clubhouse any night of the week and also on ride outs and this makes it unique among clubs along with its distinctive patch.

All ride outs are meticulously planned using a variety of roads to suit all motorcycles.

Routes are planned in accordance to the local PSNI guidelines.

Marshalls are appointed and carefully selected for their riding and ‘people’ skills.

We are confident that our new club will increase its members, and welcome all, in the coming months and look forward to a bright new future.”

Thanks to the club for picking up on the cards!

Check out or contact the club on their Facebook page – Click Here

If you are a Northern Ireland motorcycle club – group or association you can get the cards free for your members and for individual motorcyclists/scooterists the website also has a list of dealers where you can pick a card up! – Click Here

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