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fimlogoThe Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM, Federation of International Motorcycling) has announced the re-launch of its Public Policy Newsletter.

The decision to re-launch the newsletter was taken at last months FIM Commissions Conference in Geneva, Jesper Christensen, Director of the Public Affairs Commission said, “Previously the focus was very much on the European scene, but FIM is a world organisation and we are reflecting that in this new style publication.

The European Union does have a huge influence on the motorcycle scene. Manufacturers who want to sell products in the EU must comply with EU Type Approval regulations and these are now being re written. As this work comes to its conclusion FIM still has concerns.

Regulation has an effect on the customer; it is reflected in the cost of the motorcycle or scooter.

The EU is proposing a many requirements which have nothing at all to do with Type Approval.

For example; requiring a manufacturer to specify the volume and dimensions of the plenum chamber. (Part of the intake system of the engine).

Larger companies can of course usually cope with this type of bureaucracy – At a cost. But what about the smaller companies? Not all motorcycle manufacturing is done on the big scale but these companies are still important to motorcycling – Many of them are located in Europe.

Regulation is needed, but there has to be a balance of interests. As well as the customer, there is also the welfare of those who are employed in motorcycle manufacturing and those who work in the supply chain.

The EU has promised less regulation. It continues to make that promise at the strategic level. It needs to deliver this at the operational level working with the industry and those from civil society who have an interest in the way these laws are drafted.”

Articles in the re-launched newsletter focus on:

fim-ppn-march-2014Exploring Europe – Economic and Social benefits of Motorcycle Tourism – A theme for the 3rd EU dinner debate held on 15 October 2013. With thanks to Mr Wim van de Camp MEP for acting as host. He was joined for this edition by co host Mr Jim Higgins MEP.

ACEM Annual Conference Brussels 29 January 2014 – With thanks to ACEM for the invitation to the 2014 conference. As always it was a really good event. The theme this year was the important export potential of the motorcycle industry for the EU economy. This fits with work being undertaken by the EU Commission and industry across the whole automotive sector.

Developments in Latin America influence the United Nations – In 2013 FIM Latin America Secretary – General Ramon Carreira attended a conference in Brazil. This included a presentation on behalf of the Latin American Development bank (CAF). – Now taking an interest in road safety and motorcycling. The Abu Dhabi meeting also accepted a membership application by the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association – IMMA which has its HQ in Geneva.

Chinese motorcycle industry seeks more export markets – China manufactures just under 24 million motorcycles a year. Domestic demand is still large; indeed its largest producer Haojue has its main focus on the home market. Problems with air pollution in major cities have led to many restrictions on the private use of motorcycles – exemptions being granted for users of electric vehicles.

United States of America – new call to curb – “Distracted Driving” – On January 22, the American Motorcyclist Association (FIM member in the USA) sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. AMA is seeking to establish a Public Service Awareness Campaign to help protect American motorcyclists.

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