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irishbikersbible-2014 The Irish Bikers Bible has just announced that the 1st Edition for 2014 will be available on sale from the 12th March 2014.

The 1st edition in 2014 will include an – A3 pull out Rally Calendar – A3 pull out Calendar including Road Racing / Short Circuit Racing and full Track Day and training dates.

One person will have the chance to win a Whiskey Dancers Jacket in any size of their choice. One Rally Show Calendar has a Sticker at the back of it including a code you need to quote when ringing Brenda at The Irish Bikers Bible to claim your prize.

Feature articles will include three full spec builds – Interviews – Advertising – Rally pictures – Rally reports – Celebration pages – Appreciations

And much more etc …

The Irish Bikers Bible was started in 1992 as the Irish Bike Magazine, printing one magazine a year, in 1996 the magazine took on the name The Irish Bikers Bible and has steadily grown through the dedication of all those involved until this latest edition in 2014 and beyond.

irishbikerbiblearticle2013-smallLast years featured articles include, a Honda Fireblade Streetfighter and Road Racing/Side Cars, “My eyes lit up when Jimmy arrived with the Donor machine my mouth drooled with the blood between my teeth like a cannibal ready to get stuck in; I ripped all its clothes out that surrounded its body and ribcage. First things first were to get its heart out the engine was sent straight to the painters to sample. I had a vision in my head off the finished project even though it was in a million pieces to have a picture in your head makes this very easy”

“The day came when she was ready for her maiden voyage I had to have the first spin so straight to town for the strip. She ran like a dream and pope like stallion. My heart thumped out of my chest with the happiness when cars driving and people stopped to look at this unusual looking beast with its parking lights glowing red with anger.”

“Short circuit can be great fun when it gets thick and heavy especially with the sidecars as there more often than not will be paint exchanged in the battles.

 Your safe in the knowledge that for the most part if something happens or you fall out (which I have done), you should be OK.

The road racing is a different animal when you’re going beside those walls at speed you really know you’re alive and the buzz at the end of a race or even a practice is unreal. Sometimes it could be hours later when you think of another moment in the race and start grinning again.

Road racing can often be less work than short circuit racing too. For example 8 laps of Bishopscourt, I would get of the bike with both arms falling off covered in bruises as there are so many quick change chicanes, where as the roads are more flowing, not saying you don’t have to work hard but you get rest periods in between.

Give me 37 ¾ miles of the TT any day over 8 laps of Bishopscourt.”

Brenda Brennan, editor since 2013 says, “The Bible is like Guinness to Ireland it is the same to biking they go hand in hand.”

You can get your copy of the Irish Bikers Bible direct on-line or see list of stockists and events on the website –

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