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OReillyStewartSolicitors-cover Right to Ride has teamed up with O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors to assist riders in obtaining early legal advice if involved in a motorcycle accident.

Following its research, Right to Ride has found that most riders are unaware of how best to record accident details or what if any information is required from the scene.

Our supporters have raised concerns regarding advice received, post-accident.

O’Reilly Stewart has a specialised legal team to deal with all queries raised by motorcyclists.

The benefit of having a full package of support, managed by experienced solicitors acting on behalf of the motorcyclist is in our view, imperative.

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors believe that obtaining early legal advice is “vital” as in their experience allegations are usually made against the rider at the outset.

O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors has prepared a leaflet for our members with a note of the services they provide.

They also designed a ‘Rider Record’ which is a credit sized card, with sections to record initial information about the other vehicle, accident circumstances, weather, witnesses and road conditions at the scene of an accident.

You can download the leaflet and Rider Record from our website, or visit www.oreillystewart.com

We will be posting copies to our supporters shortly.

Part of what we do at Right to Ride is involvement in motorcycle road safety, looking at facts and figures and reporting on these.

OReillyStewartSolicitors-card-togetherOther initiatives are the:

We will be at the Adelaide Blackhorse Motorcycle Festival at the New King’s Hall Pavilion with the Biker NI Safety Card from Friday 7th February to Sunday 9th February 2014.

O’Reilly Stewart comments, “This year we are delighted to assist members of ‘Right to Ride.’ We support their commitment to promoting awareness and understanding of road safety to all riders in Northern Ireland and when abroad.”

The ‘Rider Record’ card and the services O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors offer are dedicated to the needs of motorcyclists.

We recommend that you contact them if involved in an accident.


Download The Leaflet – pdf – 398kb – Click Here
Download – Rider Record Card – pdf – 190kb – Click Here

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