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david-ford-speechThe Department of Justice has announced that a specially modified car crash simulator – the first of its kind in Northern Ireland – has been launched by Justice Minister David Ford and Environment Minister Mark H Durkan.

“The simulator, a modified Peugeot 207, will start with a car journey on a typical Northern Ireland rural road. Through its high quality sound system, hydraulics, DVD player and smoke and light system, young drivers get to experience being in a crash and learn about the devastating consequences of driving irresponsibly including the potential for injury and death.

The PSNI will take the car to 21 post-primary schools in the PCSP areas to educate young drivers about road safety.

Ballymoney Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), on behalf of Ballymoney, Limavady, Coleraine and Moyle PCSPs, received £35,000 from the Department of Justice’s Asset Recovery Community Scheme, to design and build a car crash simulator to help address inconsiderate and dangerous driving by young people in the area. The project is called ‘2 Fast 2 Soon’.”

Speaking at the launch of the simulator at the Joey Dunlop Centre in Ballymoney, Justice Minister David Ford said: “PCSPs have a key role to play in engaging with local communities, to identify issues of local concern and in developing actions to help address these concerns.

“This innovative project is an excellent example of how the PCSPs involved are delivering for their local communities.

“By driving dangerously and irresponsibly not only are young people putting their lives at risk but their actions often intimidate and frighten others; this type of anti-social behaviour leads to a real fear within communities.

“My Department has been able to support the development of this impressive car simulator through money seized from criminals. It is good to see this money being put to such positive use.

“I hope that the young people who experience this simulator will learn about what happens when they don’t take care on the roads and will change their behaviour. My message to them today is to respect their community and not let their actions of driving too fast, end their lives, too soon.”

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Right To Ride – Comment

So crime does really pay – up!

What do you think – would you want a go?

Or do you think that even if the money to fund this is recovered from criminals, it could be spent better elswhere?

What would you like to see the money being spent on if it was on motorcycle safety?

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The DOJ Asset Recovery Community Scheme distributes money to a range of projects aimed at addressing crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour. The money come from assets seized from criminals.

More information on PCSPs can be found at the NI Direct website

More information on the Share the Road to Zero campaign can be found at the Share The Road To Zero website

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