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fimtouringeuoct2013smallThe Swedish riders group – Sveriges MotorCyklister – SMC reports that, “Discover Europe – Economic and social benefits of motorcycle tourism”, was the theme of a dinner debate in the European Parliament, where invited guests were invited to put forward suggestions and ideas to the European Commission.

SMC report that, “Hosts for the dinner were MPs Wim van de Camp from Holland and Jim Higgins from Ireland with SMC’s Jesper Christensen one of the participants.”

The meeting was invited representatives from motorcycle and tourism industry in the EU.

During the dinner, participants were given a presentation on the economic and social benefits of motorcycle tourism in Europe. Both MPs complained that motorcyclists must make its voice heard by all European institutions.

The invited guests were invited to submit their ideas and projects in motorcycle tourism to the European Commission that prioritises work with broader tourism offering.

The dinner was followed by a lively discussion about the need for political support and development of infrastructure to promote motorcycle tourism.

FIM believes that motorcycle tourism has an important role in supporting local business in Europe by offering an alternative to mass tourism.

It is particularly important for the most remote areas in Europe.

As part of this, the FIM defined touring as an important part of the strategy ‘Vision 2020’.

FIM and its affiliates are currently running several projects in motorcycle tourism with a focus on touring and its economic benefits to the tourism industry.

For example, they identified a number of biker friendly hotels and allow motorcyclists to book directly through FIM Europe website.

It has also, together with ADAC, Germany’s and Europe’s largest automobile club, produced a series of touring maps specially designed for motorcyclists.


fim-Zongshen_ele_84d5580242smallMeanwhile FIM report that, “Now back from China FIM’s John Chatterton-Ross reports his impressions.”

John Chatterton-Ross reports, ““You can see how important this show has become to the motorcycle market with Honda choosing it as the place to launch their new CBR300R model. The 250cc from which it has been developed is already regarded by Honda as a, “world” motorcycle selling in so many different markets.

On the Chinese side you can see how export minded the companies are today. For example the 125cc A1 category for Europe where there is this CF Moto model for the UK rider.

On the racing side it was also great to see this machine on the Zongshen stand!

It is their electric racing motorcycle displayed alongside the many trophies won by this factory in the FIM series.

When it comes to inter-factory cooperation there is a European dimension as well. Loncin for example are now manufacturing engines for BMW in the 650cc single cylinder category.

Any surprises?

Yes! I went to China thinking mainly about motorcycle sports and of course we talked a lot about that.

But China today is much more than small motorcycles, I was really surprised at the strong interest in motorcycle tourism and motorcycle culture as a whole.

In that sense it was very much like Europe and North America.

I immediately felt at home amongst Chinese bike fans.

I also met many people from the industry worldwide who had come to CIMA to do deals.

It is clear Chinese motorcycles are set to sell in even greater numbers now in the developed markets of Europe and North America.”

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Facts about FIM – FIM, “Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme” is the governing body for racing on a motorcycle. FIM represents 108 national motorcycle federations.

FIM is also engaged in tourism, leisure, mobility, transport, road safety, environmental issues and much more.

On a political level, the FIM spokesperson for a number of motorcycle organizations.

Together with its partners, ACEM, FEMA and FIA FIM participate to the debate on all motorcycle related topics.

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