Financing Riders Rights!

IMG_2857FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations) has reported that although the Federation is facing a difficult economic situation, its member organisations have banded together and voted on a generous gesture to lower the financial load of some of its members.

FEMA says, “But the rider’s community is known for its solidarity. While FEMA’s only real resource is the membership fees from the national riders’ organizations that compose it, its committee voted at the last meeting on a generous gesture to lower the financial load of some of its members, who are actively contributing to the work but had some trouble keeping up due to the crisis in their own country.

At the same time, the committee set up a new lower starting fee to allow smaller organizations, for instance those in Eastern Europe, to unite in the constant fight for riders’ rights.”

FEMA gives a small insight into its current financial plight by saying that that in the global context of economic hard times that the whole two-wheeler market is down and extrapolate this to the average age of users which keeps going up and people have less time and resources to be involved in non-profit organizations.

FEMA’s President says at the same time, “The various expenses for running a federation increase, the administrative burdens are multiplying, and new costs come on top. Among them, for instance, the CEN (European Committee for Standardization, where FEMA is involved on the riders-friendly guardrails issue) starts charging NGOs to follow its debates, when it should welcome the users’ expertise and work with and for them!”

He continues that there is a need for including motorcyclists’ organizations to organize and defend themselves has never been so important.

Adding that, “As more and more legislations concerning road users are designed at the European level – and not always with the citizens’ best interests at heart.”

He finally calls all road users in Europe to, “Join their local organization, and for new organizations to join it, as we are stronger together.”

ACEM Newsletter

Meanwhile over at ACEM “Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles”, representing the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, has released the latest edition of their newsletter.

The editorial by Jacques Compagne the ACEM Secretary General, mentions the economic issue facing the industry, “During the economic crisis the EU lost millions of jobs and billions of its GDP. The motorcycle sector suffered accordingly. But while the European engine runs slow, and not to its fullest capacity, motorcycle manufacturers keep pace with the changes and meet the challenges put forward by the new global world deploying solutions based on quality, innovation and brand value.”

The newsletter carries articles, some of which we have reported on, about how the industry is pushing itself forward with new opportunities, headlining on issues such as:

  • Motorcycle manufacturers’ green alternatives for mobility on two wheels
  • European PTW market: -15% in August
  • Driving innovation: the mobility of tomorrow
  • Quality label for motorcycle training developed in Germany
  • PTWs in the next decade: perspectives of the new EU Legislative Framework – the 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, will be hosting a conference dedicated to the deployment of the new European type approval regulation relating to two, three and four wheeled vehicles. Reducing environmental impact, improving both functional safety of vehicles and market surveillance represent the main pillars of the new legislative package entering into force in January 2016 for new type approved vehicles belonging to L-categories.

And looking forward to 2014 with regards to the 91th European Motor Show Brussels and ACEM’s own 10th annual conference, in other words ACEM is keeping busy and pushing motorcycling out there.

Right To Ride Mantra

At Right To Ride our mantra has always been to look, present and promote being busy, through the information we deliver on our website, Facebook and in our Newsletters to our individual subscribers, clubs and legislators and – we are only two.

FEMA on the other hand has at its disposal, 22 National Organisations, two fulltime staff and interns.

As FEMA’s representatives shuffle around Brussels and Strasbourg wringing their hands at their economic woes, it comes as no surprise to us that they find themselves in this situation – considering that their last Newsletter was issued in December 2012.

So the message to FEMA as fellow travellers of Riders’ Rights, is “be busy and be seen to be busy”, then perhaps riders and organisation may just prick up an interest!

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Original Sources – FEMA – Click Here – ACEM October Newsletter – Click Here
FEMA Press Contacts: Press contacts: Frédéric Jeorge : +33 6 1103 1398 | Njáll Gunnlaugsson : +354 898 3223 or contact your local FEMA organization – Click Here

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