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dpalloy-small DP Alloy Polishing Coleraine is a small one man business, that has been up and running now for almost two years.

Donk Patton from DP Alloy Polishing says, “I have been a biker myself for many years coming from a very biker based family, I have ridden all types of bikes but mostly prefer Custom and Classics to anything else.

I always kept my own bike in good clean shape and other people asked me to clean a bit for them, and after being unemployed for a while due to ill health I thought I could do this for a living and get enjoyment from what I do.

So about two years back I approached Coleraine Enterprise Agency and got some help to get the business up and running.”

Taking Your Alloy


What DP Alloy Polishing can do for you is, basically take your alloy whatever it is:

engine casings

fork legs

carbs etc

and polish them to a high near mirror finish.

They have done fuel tanks for race bikes, loads of Harley parts, Classic bike parts.

As well bike parts they can polish anything alloy, from truck parts, car parts and even had a request to do a horse shoe!

Right To Rides, Trevor Baird says, “I know what a good job the likes of DP Alloy Polishing do to save riders the time and effort to polish their parts.

In 1997 I built a Streetfighter based around a FZR Genesis and polished the frame with a very big drill, with a polishing wheel on the end and copious amounts of autosol and other polishing “stuff”.

dpalooypic5smallApart from the physical strain, there was the dust, at least I had the gumption to wear a mask, if there had been somebody local then the frame would have been straight to them.”

The Other Side Of Polishing

As well as the polishing side of things DP Alloy Polishing respray motorcycle engines, either in the frame or out of frame, all motorcycles are cleaned and prepared for MoT.

They can respray frames and parts as well and only use top quality non-abrasive polishes on your alloy.

If you need anything sprayed or polished just contact DP Alloy Polishing via e-mail donk.patton@btinternet.com or find them on Facebook under DP Alloy Polishing Coleraine.

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DP Alloy Polishing

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