Who Got A Card?

As we wait for news for funding to enable us to print another 5,000 Biker NI Safety Cards, we thought we would let you know who were recently sent batches of the cards.

The Brothers of the Third Wheel – Ireland

 The Brothers of the Third Wheel – Ireland received a batch of cards and at their recent Shimma Valley Centre Ride Out in aid of the “Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For Children” they handed out the card to riders attending.

We hear the weather was rough but those who did brave it enjoyed the banter and craic with warm soup, tea and coffee and cake, buns and biscuits.

£431 was raised!

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Breast Way Round Norn Iron

Breast Way Round Norn Iron (BWRNI) took a batch of 70 cards and distributed them to participants in the fund raising ride as part of their goodie bags.

BWRNI are a group of lady riders (and a few chaps) who are raising money in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The fund raising ride took place in August this year BWRNI which consisted of a 2 day 250 mile ride across Northern Ireland

Not shy at coming forward, the participants left Stormont wearing various shades of pink tutus, pink Mohawk helmets, decorated bras and pink riding gloves.

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Barry’s Biker Babes

Barry’s Biker Babes are people who got together and formed a club with a common goal to raise awareness and help raise funds for charity. Their current charity is Cancer Research UK.

We were pleased to send them thirty of the safety cards which they have been handing out.

In May this year during the North West 200 festival week, the sponsorship and hosted fundraising events throughout the year, ended in 50 of Barry’s Bikers Babes (who had not experienced riding on the back of a motorcycle), in a pillion ride along the Antrim Coast road from Charles Hurst Motorcycles to Portrush.

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The Ulster Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club

The Ulster Hang Gliding & Paragliding Clubis soaring high with sixty of the Biker NI Safety Club.

We were delighted to receive the request from the club’s Safety Officer for the cards, to join on the back of the riders’ scheme.

Hang Gilder and Paraglider fliers, can find themselves in a similar position as riders.

Typical injuries would be head and back injuries falling into a hill or mountain which are often quite remote. Although it is fair to say that Hang Gliding and Paragliding are relatively safe sports, it is better to be prepared.

A top tip for the card is to have it laminated to keep it more waterproof. For our own cards we use a self-laminating pouch from a stationary shop.


Biker NI Safety Card the “Crash Card”

In our opinion the Biker NI Safety Card the “Crash Card” still remains the simplest and most fool proof method of “medical alert” for riders.

There are no QD code scanners, no bar codes, no USB sticks, no text messages to send. The card is completely confidential as the rider can remove it; the information is not stuck on the helmet and it is not scannable from 8 feet away by some undesirable on the next cafe table.

If for some reason you give somebody else your helmet to wear, the card can be easily removed and even replaced in two seconds with another card for the new “wearer”. This is important to avoid giving the wrong medical info to first responders.

The Biker NI Safety Card “Crash Card” is free to the rider. It always has been and always should be.

Remember just put the card with your details under the lining of your crash helmet.

By fixing the sticker on the right hand side of your helmet (NOT on the visor or other attachments as these can become detached in the event of a collision) you are alerting emergency responders that you carry a card inside the lining of your helmet.

Get a card from various selected dealers in Northern Ireland, full list on the Biker NI Safety Card website – www.bikernisafetycard.org

The Ambulance Crash Card Scheme was created and designed by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club – www.ambulancemotorcycleclub.co.uk

Don’t ever attempt to remove another rider’s helmet on your own.

Why not get some First Aid Training?

There are various courses available in Northern Ireland however we recommend “First Aid For Riders” – delivered by St John Ambulance (NI) – www.firstaidforriders.org

“Use Your Head!”

Safety Card at the Brothers Of The Third Wheel – Ireland – Shimma Valley Ride Out
Pictures Via – Lynn McAuley


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