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When we first started Right To Ride in 2009, we produced stickers which we have been giving out for free.

At that time we said, “That in the future we may do T-Shirts, we may do base ball caps, we may do patches, we might even do mugs, but for now its a sticker.”

However after much deliberation and a few people asking, we now have patches and you can order these from the link below.

We’ve Got Patches

With a first run of a hundred patches you can purchase one for the princely sum of £4.50 which includes – Postage & Packaging.

The patch is square in shape and measures – 9.5cm by 9cm.

A pretty big patch by any standard and it stands out with orange and white on a black background.

Go on you know you want one or two!

Order your patch/es by – Clicking Here


You can still get our stickers which are approximately the size of the one on the right.

You can get a few stickers by dropping us an email at

If you sign up as a supporter we will send you a supporter’s card and a few stickers as well!

You can sign up as an individual rider or as a club/group/association/organisation or business supporter.

Click Here


Our online payment method is through PayPal. You can pay using your PayPal Account or accepted various payment options – credit/Debit card. Please note only name and address details will be stored by us, we do not store credit card details.

If you wish to purchase via cheque drop us an email at with details on how many patches you require, your address, we will confirm cost, who to make the cheque payable to and where to post the cheque to!

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