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affiche-A3 Back in July we picked up that the Belgium riders organisation FBMC Fédération Belge des Motards en Colère) were organising a demonstration on the 14th September against the proposals contained in the European Commissions Road Worthiness Testing package.

Back then we wrote to the FBMC:

Bonjour and please excuse my lack of French.

At Right To Ride EU in the UK we have reported on the Road Worthiness Testing that you (FBMC) are demonstrating against in September.

We would love to have an article from FBMC on the demonstration, its purpose and reason, which we could produce on our website.

Of course this would have to be in English for our readers, do you think this would be possible?

Cheers Trevor Baird”

We did not hear anything back from FBMC, as we say in English “say la vie” (c’est la vie).

Well a few days before the FBMC demonstration FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclist Associations) have put out some information about the FBMC demonstration.

Back In July

euparliamentridersjuly2013pic3As we said back in July:

“We are continuing our own lobbying as we are sure other riders organisations across Europe are.

In the grand scale of things, how will this proposal affect UK riders? From where we are standing – not a lot – possibly it will mean at some point in time, the inclusion of emissions testing.

For the rest, our opinion has always been and remains that in Europe, each country has its own culture, history and way of doing things and if these countries prefer not to have RWT, that is their right.”

Our last article on the Road Worthiness Test Proposal was regards the Irish Houses of the Oireachtas (Dáil Éireann (House of Representatives) and Seanad Éireann (the Senate) Joint Committee on Transport and Communications.

They had sent an opinion to the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union regarding the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) proposal.

As regard motorcycles and an EU Member State that does not have Road Worhtiness Testing for motorcycles they said, “Is of the view that the merits of testing motorbikes needs to be further explored and proven before introducing roadworthiness testing of motorbikes in Ireland.”

For those that are concerned that some sort of “Super MoT ” is heading our way and have highlighted that we would see the dismantling of brake components, specifically drum brakes, this would be to gain access to visually examine brake drum linings for scoring and oil contamination.

At this point in time we can say, that this is a load of nonsense!

Protest against technical control in Brussels on 14th of September

9th September 2013

Original Source – FEMA – Click Here

fema_logo_circle180whiteThe FBMC, Fédération Belge des Motards en Colère, will organise a protest on 14th of September in Brussels, which will start from different points in Belgium and culminate in the capital of Europe with the objective to show their opposition against periodical technical control (PTI).

The FBMC is not a member of FEMA but share its opposition to the Parliament plan to make PTI compulsory across Europe by 2016, even though no independent study could prove its positive impact on road safety, from the countries that already have one in place.

The European Commission have estimated that if PTIs were enforced in every country it would cost the riding community at least 1.2 billion Euros per year or 50 Euros per person.

After a very close vote, the European Parliament went against the recommendation of its own Commission (to postpone the inclusion of two-wheelers long enough to independently prove the legitimacy of this project) and the Consilium hasn’t voted yet.

The various riders’ organization stay mobilized, and the FBMC is calling every rider to join their action.

A spokesperson from the FBMC said that it will be a civil and positive action, during which they hope to meet some key politicians and make a show of the determination of all riders outside the Berlaymont building in Schuman. They also call other riders organisations to add their voice at the event.

Please find all the information in

Please find FEMA’s position and more information here – pdf

Original Source – FEMA – Click Here

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