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heartandsoulwhitemediumThe Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) reports that it has vacancies at MAG Central, based near Warwick.

The vacancies, that aim to take over from the roles of the employees that recently left and which are outlined in MAG’s announcement, seem to be looking for individuals or an individual to take up the mantle of responsibility for MAG’s “political fighting front”.

At Right To Ride we wish MAG every success  in finding an appropriate individual/s to fulfill the role/s and look forward to see who is/are the successful candidate/s from what is a small gene pool of professional motorcycling lobbyists or those working towards a career in riders’ rights.

Vacancies at MAG Central, Warwick

magwebsite1First Vacancy: Reporting to the elected Board of MAG (UK) Ltd, the first is essentially a research, analytical and policy role.

The fundamental duties of this will involve detecting, at the earliest possible stage, moves in public policy, technological changes and the output of opinion-formers that might be of significance to motorcyclists and motorcycling.

Such moves may emanate from governmental sources in the UK or abroad but equally they might be non-governmental, e.g. campaigns by groups professing to be campaigning in the interests of road-safety, or technological changes that may have significance.

Having detected such, your role will be to provide objective analysis on the implications thereof.

Second Distinct Role: The second distinct role is that of a lobbyist whose principal task will be the influencing of opinion-formers at a local and national government level, and also at times on an international basis.

Such a candidate is likely to be South-east based or willing to relocate.

He or she will have extensive experience of such work and will be familiar with the workings of governmental institutions.

Both of these positions are available initially on a twelve-month fixed-term contract, fees negotiable.

Two Roles In One: It may be that one person is competent to undertake both roles or equally it may be that two individuals are engaged, one for each.

The above is an outline only of what is required, it is not exhaustive and does not encompass every aspect of the roles.

Thorough guidance will however be given, the Board’s expectations will be made clear and fees will be agreed between the Board and the successful candidate(s).

Persons having an interest in this should send a full CV to Julie Sperling at MAG (UK) Ltd Central office by email to accompanied by a letter stating why they believe they are suited to the role(s) and what they would bring to the organisation.

The closing date for applications is 31 August 2013.

Original Source – MAG UK – Click Here

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