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bangor parking smallThe bike parking in Bangor Co Down has been there for over ten years – at the very least!

So if you are  heading for an ice cream or refreshment in this glorious weather or just a ride out to Bangor check out and use the dedicated motorcycle parking!

Glenn Thompson, who was originally involved in getting the parking in Bangor, posted up this message on Facebook to riders:

“If anyone is heading into Bangor over the holiday fortnight, I just want Secure Parkingto remind you that we have our own dedicated Motorcycle Park in the Queens Parade car park.

Council are telling us to use it or lose it, so please use it.

It has hitching posts to chain your bike to and is bollarded off from the cars.

Plenty of watering holes close by like The Red Berry and Caproni Bangor close by and one minutes walk to the Main St and High St.

Come on down.

We’ll be glad to see you”.

Update: Glen tells us that at weekends the size of the bike park is doubled as the council move the bollards out to the edge of the whole bay.


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