Children's Hospice Ride Out


The skies were grey but the rain stayed away for the start of the Quay Vipers MCC 12th Children’s Hospice ride out at Carrickfergus yesterday,

The overcast sky certainly did not dull the enthusiasm for riders to turn out in their droves for the run and watch the bands and entertainment at the start of the full to capacity Carrickfergus Castle Car park.

Most important of all the shine on the faces of the children arriving at the event as passengers on trikes, would have brightened up any dull day.

Michael Montgomery from the Quay Vipers MCC said he would, “Like to thank everyone who attended todays event and made it one to remember.

Great atmosphere created by having U105 road shore and live entertainment from Alecia Karr and Mean Bone entertaining the crowd.

There was a great mix of folk about to support the Children’s Hospice and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The ride out went very smoothly with only a couple breakdowns and a great crowd returning to the Bowling club for the massive ballot draw.

Alecia Karr once again sang a selection of Pink songs as a bonus before the ballot draw.

The G8 weekend has put a lot of folk going out today as the coast road was a ghost road with no traffic at all.

So it was great to see so many bikers venture out to support the event.

Despite the G8 disruption around Belfast just under 900 bikes turned up today. This number was massively increased by the townsfolk of the Carrick area coming down to support the event with numbers of over 3000 around the car park area being given.

If we get the weather next year, with the setup this year it will be one day to look forward to.”

An excellent job by the Quay Vipers MCC  and the amount raised so far appears to be around £5,500, we will post up the final amount raised, big hearted riders strike again!

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Children’s Hospice – A special way of caring

Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice is the only service of its type within Northern Ireland caring for children and young people with very complex needs.

Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice – Click Here

Children’s Hospice Ride Out – June 2013

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