cardlaminated-250The Biker NI Safety Card welcomes VloggingitNI as the latest group to receive a stack of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club based “Crash Card” in Northern Ireland!

The card is supported by the major agencies involved in keeping us safe on the road: PSNI Bikesafe – Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) – Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS).

Motorcyclists are provided free of charge with a card, which is place inside their helmet as a medical alert, details which the rider has written on the card provides vital information for attending ambulance crews or emergency responders if the motorcyclist is injured in a road traffic collision or unable to talk coherently because of concussion or having been knocked out.

To let those attending know about this vital information the rider places a sticker on the outside of the helmet, on the right hand side, indicating that a rider or pillion is carrying a safety card inside the lining of their helmet.


vloggingitnilogoWho and what is VloggingitNI all about? This is what we were told by its originator:

“Each member that Vloggs on YouTube has their own name that they use for YouTube and mine is MrBanditMania, who relays us the story of VloggingitNI.

It all started with me being on YouTube and commenting on other riders’ channels, doing search after search for other riders from Northern Ireland and subscribing to their channels.

There seemed to be the same passion on these rider You Tube Channels but that there wasn’t a YouTube Vloggers club in Northern Ireland.

So one day I decided to challenge a fellow rider to a meet, suddenly other riders that I had subscribed to wanted to participate in the ride out.

So I decided to make a vid and call it the first Northern Ireland Moto Vloggers meet.

The interest grew and on the day there were 15 riders that turned up. It was a fantastic day in Magherafelt which was the first meet destination due to riders being all over the North and arranged in Magherafelt to make the travel distance fair on everyone who was attending.

Only a few of us lasted the whole day as other riders had to go and do their own thing.

At the meet discussions were taken place and it was decided that a meet would be held in every members town which everyone agreed to. So I arranged another meet to be held in Limavady which is my home town on the 7th July 2013.

The interest has grown and I am finding new members all the time abate it being hard. I came across another Vlogger who kindly decided to set up a face book page and all riders at the last meet had a vote on the group name which is why we are called VloggingitNI.

We are having decals made of the group name which will be passed out on the meet to members who wish to obtain one, they are group name decals which are small enough to be placed on the screen of their bike or anywhere they desire.

Dave from Learn2Ride (Learn2Ride has been a major supporter of the card along with other Northern Ireland Business and organisations) is one of the members and is a fantastic help and that’s how I managed to get in contact with the Crash Card initiative.

That is how the Northern Ireland Vlogging community has taken place and is growing which is a great thing for Northern Ireland. It doesn’t matter to us whether you ride a supersports or a scooter or even a trike as all are welcome to join.

I arrange the meet for the ride outs and also each member that has the meet in their home town comes up with their own safe riding route for everyone to enjoy as all riders have different skill levels. I like to look after the riders with minimal skill levels so most of the time I will juggle from position to position just to make sure everyone is finding the ride out enjoyable.

We will always have an experienced rider leading the group and covering the rear of the group with regular stops for refreshments and discussions on the route”.

So VloggingitNI is born and Biker NI Safety Card wishes them all the best for the future and we look forward to watching their Vloggs.

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