The Farmyard Party 2013

farmyardlogo2013smallMAG (Motorcycle Action Group) Yorkshire are on track to what appears to be a good summer in 2013 and they will be having a blinding Farmyard Party – 21st to 23rd June 2013.

From humble beginnings 27 years ago following a helmet demonstration and the need for camping with a party afterwards, this became an annual event and eventually moved to taking place in a Farmyard.  Since then the name “Farmyard Party” has remained.

For over a decade, the home of the Farmyard Party has been Duncombe Park Estate in Helmsley, Yorkshire.

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird first attended The Farmyard Party in 1997 when it was “down in the valley” a fantastic campsite where partying took on a whole new meaning.  That is until 2005.

Writing about the Farmyard Party without mentioning the “Flood” in 2005 as described on The Farmyard Party website would be remiss of us.

Then, in 2005, on that fateful Sunday at around 8pm, after just 2 hours of torrentially heavy rainfall earlier that afternoon, the aforementioned babbling River Rye meandering through the valley burst its banks, filling the entire width of the valley and became one very angry mother of all torrents.  Thankfully all of the revellers had long since gone home, most riding through the storm somewhere as it swept its way across the country.  There were one or two folk still hanging around for one reason or another and the strip down crew totalling about sixty people on site. The flood caused total and absolute devastation to equipment, marquees, bars, bikes, tents and everything left on the site. The fact that no one was killed or even injured was nothing short of a miracle.”

Trevor survived the flood as did his bike and a very damp lap top (which dried out and kept working), others were not so lucky with their possessions, organiser Pete Walker lost a caravan but that is another story, as are floating Portaloos but thankfully everyone survived  unscathed.

In true Yorkshire spirit – different from any other type of “British” spirit, the organising committee and the multitude of volunteer marshals bounced back.  The Farmyard Party attendance hit a new record in 2006.

We returned to The Farmyard Party last year, which was unfortunately wet and very muddy, but it did not stop the thousands who attended partying  and having a great time.

Here’s hoping for good weather this year!

What’s On

farmyard2013-250 So much to do and so little time!  There will be bands everywhere – in the BSH Big Top, the MAG Blues Bar and the Live Lounge.  Further fun is to be had in the Rave Tent and the Smacked Arse Comedy Show, compared by the one and only Rick Hulse.

There’s the BSH Custom Show as well as stands and stalls to browse and spend.

The campsite bars and food outlets await your arrival and there is the Farmyard sit down café and carvery open until late, with proper knives and forks – we have been told!

The Farmyard Party organisers say, “We have people coming from all over Europe, Ireland and even the US – we know it’s a long way but you won’t be disappointed.” There has always been a strong contingent from Northern Ireland which has become almost a yearly pilgrimage.

By Bikers, for Bikers, in aid of Biking.

No Cars, No Vans, No Pedestrians, No Excuses.

Tickets for the Farmyard Party are available on-line until the 12th of June but there will always be tickets on the gate.

Don’t forget, buying tickets on-line is cheaper!

The Farmyard Party on Facebook – Click Here

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