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monplatesmallAt Right To Ride we have settled back in to our routine following our extended trip to mainland Europe.

To those who have contacted us and become supporters, welcome to our mailing list and we have a pile of post ready to send out with your supporter’s cards and info.

For those who requested Diesel Spill stickers and posters, they are on their way too.

One of the main issues we have been following on Right To Ride EU as we travelled from Wi-Fi spot to Wi-Fi spot, is the European Commission’s proposal to extend mandatory Roadworthiness Testing (RWT) for motorcycles across Europe. If a European wide scheme were to be introduced, this would see the introduction of possible changes to our MoT as well as countries without RWT for motorcycles, having to introduce a scheme.

There were major issues regarding the cost of this proposed regulation, not just for motorcycles but for cars, caravans, trailers and tractors. With regards to motorcycles, data used to to support the introduction were claimed to be flawed and the objectives to reduce casualties and improve road safety would simply not happen.

If you have been following our website and Facebook page you will know that after Thursday’s vote (30th May) on amendments to the European Commission’s roadworthiness test proposal, the Transport (TRAN – Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs excluded 2 and 3 three wheeled vehicles (aka motorcycles and trikes) from the package!

However there is a planned three year review which aims to present the outcome of further research by the Commission to the European Parliament. The purpose of this is to decide whether member states should have RWT for two or three wheeled vehicles and look afresh at introducing necessary legislation. Lets hope for a better presentation of facts and figures.

This is of course dependent on whether the rejection of RWT for motorcycles goes through the rest of the Parliamentary procedures intact or not.

Commission Heavy Handed?

There is no danger or opportunity for the Commission to get heavy-handed before the vote and force it through as has been suggested elsewhere.

With regards to the Parliamentary procedures – the co-decision procedure or the “ordinary legislative procedure” is followed by other procedures. In this instance as the proposal put forward by the Commission and Parliament’s position do not agree with the Council of Ministers (member states – governments)  present position, there is no political agreement to vote on a first reading in parliament to get the proposal through.

What this means is that before the vote in Parliament, there will be Trilogue meetings attended by representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission to find a common position. If a common position cannot be found, then at first reading with no common position, then the various positions relating to the proposal go into other procedures to get an agreement, after which there can be a second and third reading in parliament.

While this might seem convoluted and bureaucratic, it also ensures that the democratic process is followed in these dialogues between representatives of citizens (Parliament), governments (Council) and administrators (Commission).

Just to make it clear regarding our own MoT (UK), we will retain our MoT (RWT) for motorcycles, equally member states are still free to introduce their own schemes if they so wish!

Below you will find the headlines on the RWT proposal from the past couple of days.

Right To Ride Northern Ireland

Here at Right To Ride Northern Ireland and our Facebook page – – while away, we continued to update the website and Facebook page with not much “political stuff” going on it has been updates on events:
Following Geoff Hill’s latest update on – The CS Clancy Centenary  Ride,  supported by Adelaide Insurance Services and BMW Motorrad, which is recreating the first around the world ride 100 years on.
MAG Ireland the Irish Riders Rights organisation report that their government are looking to introduce SORN – Statutory Off Road Notification.
From the Nurofen (other painkilling drugs are available) advertisement a documentary highlights Kim Krebs’s Big Life as a land speed racer.
More Bikes in Northern Ireland Bus Lanes.
Historic vehicles exempt from MOT – exempting pre-1960 historic vehicles from the MOT test.
Our most popular article by far was regarding the secret button at pedestrian crossings –  picked up this from an article on the BBC News OUCH Blog posts.
We welcomed on board new business supporter – Motorcycling Romania. Motorcycling Romania is a company which  specializes in renting motorcycles to those who wish to tour Romania. An unique way to discover the sights and attractions of Romania – Click Here
Over on the events page club supporters Downriders MCC – are holding tomorrow (Sunday – 2nd June 2013) their re-arranged March Charity Ride Out – 2nd N.S.P.C.C & Childline Ride-Out. The run was cancelled due to the bad weather in March – Click Here

Coming up we will have a report on one riders “fight” to get the roads in his area cleaned up, perpetrators prosecuted and what is deemed not to be a hazard to road users by Roads Service!

Hoping For No Surprises

29th May 2013

bikeeyeshandsthumbnailTomorrow – 30th May 2013 – sees the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs vote on a raft amendments on the Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) which will then reflect the opinion of the European Parliament – however we are hoping for no surprises in the vote as regards motorcycles. The meeting and vote are […]

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No Surprises

30th May 2013

Happy retro biker.After todays vote on amendments to the European Commissions roadworthiness proposal, the Transport (TRAN – Transport and Tourism) Committee of MEPs rules motorbikes out of the roadworthiness test package! So it looks like at this stage that here in Northern Ireland and GB there are no surprises and we can keep calm and carry on! […]

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Major Victory for FEMA!

30th May 2013

femalogonewf6FEMA, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations has intimated that the amendment, adopted by the Transport (Tran – Transport and Tourism) Committee today, excluding all L-category vehicles, including motorcycles, from the scope of the proposed new legislation on Periodic Technical Inspections represents a major victory for FEMA on mandatory PTI. With the Council of Ministers […]

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ACEM – Inclusion of PTWs

31st May 2013

acemlogoACEM the “Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles” which represent the Motorcycle Industry in Europe has published an article on the “defeated” vote of the European Parliament (TRAN Committee) on Periodic Technical Inspection – Road Worthiness (RWT) package. In the article ACEM state that it, “Had been in favour of the inclusion of PTWs in […]

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