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energybike ACEM – the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, which is the professional body representing the interests of powered two wheeler (PTWs – that’s motorcycles to you and me) manufacturers in Europe reports that a Clean Power for Transport package includes Powered Two-Wheelers amongst mobility solutions for tomorrow’s energy challenges

ACEM say that on the 24th January 2013 , the European Commission released the Clean Power for Transport package.

The aim of the package is facilitating the development of a single market for alternative fuels for transport in Europe.

ACEM state, “The package mainly consists of a Communication on a European alternative fuels strategy and a Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure at Member State level.” and welcomes the package as it, “clearly recognises Powered Two-Wheelers as a solution to tomorrow’s energy challenges.”

Motorcycles are thus accepted and taken into account and recognised as a solution to tomorrow’s energy challenges.

Surely this is a good thing?

An opportunity to support market up-take of alternative propulsions, technological innovation and jobs.

Read morePart of the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport Policy, the Clean Power for Transport package recognises that the deployment of alternative fuels is hampered by the high price of vehicles, poor consumer acceptance, and lack of recharging /refuelling infrastructure, caused by multiple market failures, while recommending the rapid implementation of the necessary actions, with market comforting targets.

Setting objectives for the development of an alternative fuels infrastructure, this initiative intends to create the necessary conditions for the market uptake of clean vehicles, and spur positive synergies in other areas such as EU support for technological innovation, standardisation and consumer information.

ACEM welcomes the Clean Power for Transport package, which clearly recognises Powered Two-Wheelers as a solution to tomorrow’s energy challenges. Since the release of the White Paper on transport, ACEM has been calling for full integration in EU mobility policies of L-category vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, tricycles and quadricycles).

ACEM looks forward to further cooperation with the EU institutions, to ensure that the specific features of motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles belonging to the L-category are taken into account within the Clean Power for Transport directive, consistently with current type-approval directives and, looking at tomorrow, recently published regulation on L-category type-approval (regulation 168/2013), which will apply from 2016.


Jacques Compagne, ACEM Secretary General: “ACEM members are at the forefront of vehicle innovation, with hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles already on the market or in the pipeline. In spite of the adverse economic situation, market figures show that these niche segments are growing, year on year.

Positively inspired by CARS21 recommendations, the Clean Power for Transport package has the potential to trigger a wider market for green propulsions in Europe, stimulating R&D, and creating jobs.

It now needs to be followed through, at Member State level and at EU level with a dedicated L-category vehicles focus in EU R&D funding and the European Green Vehicle Initiative”.

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