First Aid For Riders – Last Place

firstaid5riderslogopicturesmallOne last place is available for the First Aid For Riders course delivered by the St John Ambulance (NI.

The day long course, at a cost of £65, will be held on Sunday 17th March 2013 at the St John Ambulance Knockbracken Healthcare Park Saintfield Road.

The course provides the knowledge for riders and pillions to assess and manage an initial road traffic collision scene, to support comfort/reassure conscious casualties and helps to give first aiders confidence to stay calm at a road traffic collision until the rescue services arrive.

Rendering First Aid to a motorcyclist involves many additional considerations that may not be “instructed” in basic First Aid courses.

The course involves the situations and the management that may be required, such as helmet removal, head and neck (c-spine) injuries, airways, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and general first aider skills for everyday life.

“Classroom” based delegates are asked to attend with their normal motorcycle riding gear, including helmet (even if not coming by bike).

Wearing your motorcycle gear during the training will give you a flavour of rendering First Aid as a rider out on the road.

As a successful delegate you will receive a St John Ambulance (NI) certificate that is valid for three years.

St John Ambulance will provide all delegates who successfully pass the course with Associate Membership Insurance cover for the duration of the validity of their training qualification.

This insurance covers students against claims arising from first aid they may have delivered outside of their workplace responsibilities and when not covered by employer’s (or any other) insurance.

With one place left, it will be first come first served and you can book that last place on the First Aid For Riders website – Click Here


If you miss this opportunity to take the First Aid For Riders course you can send your initial interest to take a course on the website – Click Here


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