Biker NI Safety Card Launches

helmethonda-250The Adelaide Motorcycle Festival at the Kings Hall Pavilion, 8th to 10th February 2013, sees the launch of the “Biker NI Safety Card”.

The “Biker NI Safety Card” brings the “Ambulance Motorcycle Club” Crash Card initiative to Northern Ireland. It is supported by the major agencies involved in keeping us safe on the road: PSNI Bikesafe – Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) – Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS).

Motorcyclists are provided free of charge with a card, which is place inside their helmet as a medical alert, details which the rider has written on the card provides vital information for attending ambulance crews or emergency responders if the motorcyclist is injured in a road traffic collision or unable to talk coherently because of concussion or having been knocked out.

To let those attending know about this vital information the rider places a sticker on the outside of the helmet, on the right hand side, indicating that a rider or pillion is carrying a safety card inside the lining of their helmet.

The wording on the sticker is aimed at anybody who may, in an attempt to help at the scene of a road traffic collision try to force a helmet off a rider’s head, keeping the helmet in place until emergency responders assess the situation.

However the “job” of the card does not stop there, one side of the card has the memory aid CRASH, which is intended to be a set of easy to remember steps if you are the one making the 999 call and follows a similar set of questions universally used by ambulance service control centres, and focuses on safety, the location of the accident, and how serious it is.

helmetinside2-250The original “Crash Card” was designed by paramedics and the simple aim of the card in its various forms from the original GB card to Sweden and the USA remains, to save valuable time and help in improving treatment pre hospital.

Trevor Baird from Right To Ride, who is bringing the card to Northern Ireland through the motorcycle safety initiative Ride It Ride said, “The emergency services and their personnel are at the forefront of dealing with collisions on our roads, from the minor to the most major. If the card helps them to medically deal with these and subsequently helps riders, then we hope that both riders and pillions take the card to their hearts and carry them close to their heads”

The PSNI say, “We welcome the introduction of the Crash Card to Northern Ireland. This is an excellent initiative which gives riders the opportunity to help and protect themselves. They provide the emergency services with potentially life saving information at the scene in the event of a collision on the road. The cards are free, easy to fill out and easy to carry – and a must have for all motorcyclists.”

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, “The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service welcomes the introduction of the crash card initiative to Northern Ireland. NIAS personnel attend approximately 5000 Road Traffic Collisions on an annual basis and are acutely aware of the need for patient relevant information to be available at the earliest possible opportunity. This initiative will immediately draw the attention of attending paramedics to the fact that this information is available and will be crucial to the chances of a positive outcome for the casualty, particularly on those occasions where the rider may be unconscious. As such we really believe this is an initiative which may save lives.”

Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) Spokesperson said, “This has the potential to be a lifesaving initiative. Our Firefighters witness first hand the carnage on our roads and the lives that are completely destroyed as a result. The information contained on the safety card will go a long way to ensuring the casualty receives the most appropriate treatment at the earliest opportunity and we would encourage all bikers and their pillions to carry the card.”

Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad

hurstsbmwcrashcard-250Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad at Newtownabbey is the first selected dealer to stock supplies of the Crash Card.

Trevor Baird went along to Charles Hurst and handed the first batch of 250 cards over to General Manager, Jim Hill.

Our thanks to Jim and Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad for recognising the safety benefits of the cards and acting as the first conduit to get the cards out to riders.

Pop along and “Get A Card” at Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad.

If you are looking for larger numbers of cards for you and your mates or club members fill in the order form on the Biker NI Safety Card website.

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Biker NI Safety Card Website –


Get a Card! – At the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival – Kings Hall Pavilion
Friday, 8th February – Saturday, 9th February – Sunday, 10th February.
The show on the Friday will open at 2pm and run until 10pm.
The opening times for Saturday and Sunday are 10am to 5pm on both days.
Admission Adults £10 / €10, OAP £5 / €5, children under 14 free.
Click on Motorcycle Festival at
Follow the festival on Facebook – Click Here

Get A Card – Individuals

“Crash Cards” should be available at Bikesafe events in 2013 – dates to be announced.
The first dealer on board is Charles Hurst BMW Motorrad – Newtownabbey – Click Here
Other selected motorcycle dealers and shops to follow.

Get A Card – Groups and Clubs

You can also get “Crash Cards” for you and your mates or club members by filling in the order form on the Biker NI Safety Card website.

Or see us at the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival.

Supporting Biker NI Safety Card

PSNI Bikesafe – Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) – Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) – Adelaide Insurance Services – IAM – Right To Ride – Ride It Right – British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) – Institute of Advanced Motorists – First Aid For Riders – Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training


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