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niassembly-logo-clearWe don’t really delve into the “politics” of motorcycle racing but we thought you might be interested in this question (and answer) asked in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Democractic Unionist Party, MLA, Paul Girvan (DUP – South Antrim) asked the question to the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure:

How much funding has been allocated for Motorbike racing in 2013?


Question Northern Ireland Assembly

The question was tabled on the 10/01/2013 and answered on the 22/01/2013

The Question was asked by Mr Paul Girvan Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) South Antrim.

Question: To ask the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure on how much funding has been allocated for Motorbike racing in 2013.

Answer: Responsibility for supporting motorcycle racing in the north of Ireland rests, in the first instance, with the governing bodies of the sport as represented by the 2&4 Wheel Motorsport Steering Group Limited (2&4 Wheel MSG).

Sport NI has recently considered an application from 2&4 Wheel MSG under its Performance Focus programme.

As a result, Sport NI has agreed funding of £338,000 over the period 2013-2017 to assist the development of motorsport across the north, including motorcycle racing.

In addition to this, in the financial year to 31 March 2013, Sport NI allocated £57,491 to individual motorcycle racers under its Athlete Investment Programme.

Furthermore, in 2009 DCAL, through Sport NI, provided £2m to motorsport to help bring about health and safety improvements at a number of venues across the north.

This included improvement works at motorcycle racing venues such as, Nutts Corner, Kirkistown, Bishopscourt, the North West 200 and Dundrod.

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  1. The amount of money that road racing brings to Northern Ireland each year should be considered , the golfers get supported and their sport certainly doesn’t bring the year after year spending that road racing brings to the North.
    Whether or not we all like it the North West 200 has become very commercialised due to needing funding.
    If the politicians spent some of our money on the sport that attracts millions of pounds each year to the economy , instead of just giving money to golf because we have top golfers, we also have some of the best road racers so come on politicians dig deep and support the sport.

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