Motorcycling Matters!

Click for ACEM websiteACEM – the Motorcycle Industry in Europe, who are the professional body representing the interests of powered two wheeler (PTWs – that’s motorcycles to you and me) manufacturers in Europe, has produced a video to accompany their conference, which is taking place in Brussels today.

According to ACEM the video highlights “The role that Powered Two-Wheelers play in our society. From sports to tourism, from commuting to small logistics, motorcycles, scooters and other small vehicles belonging to the L-category provide mobility, leisure and opportunities for social inclusion. A role that deserves being recognised and promoted.”

The 9th Annual ACEM Conference “Provides the opportunity to have an overview of the motorcycle sector, and engage policymakers, stakeholders and company managers in productive discussions – so that current challenges may be turned into opportunities.

Motorcycle Manufacturers maintain that ”Motorcycling Matters!“.

ACEM’s video, screened at the 9th ACEM conference today, 22nd January, 2013 and available on You Tube, explains how motorcycling contributes to quality of life through jobs, affordable mobility, and the enjoyment of sports and tourism and that motorcycling contributes towards wider economic and social goals.

Although the focus appears to be on commuting, social inclusion, business, sport, leisure, tourism, safety and the environment, that word “Freedom” regularly pops up.

The video commentator tells us that, “Motorcycles represent more than any other means of transport – Freedom!” and a contributor adds “There is sense of freedom to move around in a pleasant yet affordable way.” and “to relish the sensation of Freedom.”

At Right To Ride we say, “It’s about Freedom and that spirit that makes motorcycling matter!”

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