No Reflective Armband

ffmc-logoThe French riders group the Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (FFMC – French Federation of Angry Bikers) say that it is now official that bikers in France will not have to wear reflective armbands.

This is good news for French riders who coordinated by the French riders group demonstrated in their thousands against their government’s plans to introduce a raft of road safety policies.

A government decree provided that from 1st January 2013 that drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers (2WD) of more than 125 cm3 or a vehicle of category L5e a power greater than 15 kW must wear a retro-reflecting device with a total surface area of at least 150 cm ².”

If riders had faied to comply with the law they would have been subject to a fixed fine of €68 which would have automatically led to the reduction of two points from their driver’s licence.

Last year FFMC said that, “bikers already have four retro-reflective stickers on the helmet and they ride with the headlights on.

In addition, a retro-reflecting device is useless in daylight …

We also know that the issue of visibility is not a problem of lighting or colours of clothing, but a problem of inattention of drivers inadequately trained to coexist with PTWs which is more and more prevalent.

Finally, why are only bikers of than 125 cm3 included?

They are the best equipped of all PTW users.”

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Compulsion Hi Viz – For The UK

What the DfT (Department for Transport in GB said in August 2011 – “The DfT’s reply could not be clearer:  “The Government has no plans to make Hi Viz/Day Glo jackets/vests and protective clothing for motorcyclists compulsory.”With regards to the EU and what other member states are proposing, “there are no plans to change our laws simply because another member state chooses to do so.”

Official comment from Northern Irelands Department of the Environment (DOE), Road Safety Branch: “there are no plans (or inklings of plans) to introduce a mandatory hi-viz requirement for motorcyclists in Northern Ireland”.

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