East Coast Riders Northern Ireland

Right To Ride welcomes the East Coast Riders MCC Northern Ireland as a new motorcycle club supporter.

Newly formed in 2012 the club members ride on all sorts of bikes and the club welcomes partners of bike members to join the club.

The club attends rallies, ride-outs and basically has a laugh at each others’ expense.

As the club members try to get to as many rallies, rock nights and runs as possible, there will always be photos and write-ups on their Facebook page.

The club hopes to hold a rally every year with the emphasis on always having a good laugh and everyone having a great time.

The club meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 8.30 pm in Holywood Rugby Club, so feel free to turn up at the club house because you will be more than welcome!

Find out more about the club and what they get up to on Facebook:

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View all our club supporters on Right To Ride – Click Here
Supporters events are at – Click Here


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