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RiderScan is a parabolic mirror that is mounted to the centre front of a motorcycle/scooter within the rider’s forward line of view and claims to offer motorcycle/scooter riders total blind spot visibility for the first time.

In other words instead of just seeing your elbows in your mirrors, RiderScan (used with existing side mounted mirrors) can give a fantastic 180 degrees horizontal view into the blind spot areas.

Stephen Hunter of Hunter Create who developed, produces and sells RiderScan commented, “In May 2010 late at night lying in bed thinking after having yet another incident involving a vehicle that was in my blind spot, I thought there has to be an answer to this problem.

I had an idea, so using a pen and pad kept on the bedside table, I drew a concaved and convex mirror in front of the rider on a motorcycle to remind myself in the morning of my idea.

The following morning I looked at my drawing and looked for something that was curved and reflective. In the kitchen on high shelves were stainless steel pans, one of which was a shallow frying pan and from its position on a shelf up above it gave a reflection of the whole kitchen with me standing there.”

So what does it say “on the tin” about RiderScan:

RiderScan offers motorcycle/scooter riders total blind spot visibility for the first time.

Uniquely designed with three vertical planes that give a fantastic view including the rider.

Continuous horizontal curve gives the rider a fantastic 180 degrees horizontal view into the blind spot areas.

Ultra lightweight and easy to fit to 99% of motorcycle/scooter screens.

Handlebar mounting brackets are available for 7/8“ and 1“ handlebars, also sports screen mounting brackets are available.

But does it work and is there any other advantage of using RiderScan?

It works well for local Northern Ireland conditions and for a prospective rider, Judith Gray, it proved to be the piece of kit she needed to use during her motorcycle test to obtain her licence to keep on riding.

Judith was a totally active outdoor person who had her pilot’s licence and skied.  On a jet ski she suffered a broken neck while skiing. Subsequently her injuries left her with restricted movement and unable to get back into her previous activities, so what better idea that to learn to ride a motorcycle which would keep the wind in her hair.

With the lack of movement in her neck and shoulders she was not able to perform her lifesaving shoulder checks for training or taking the test.

Step up RiderScan

But would the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland (DVLNI) who run and conduct the motorcycle tests here in Northern Ireland accept the fitting of RiderScan as an adaptation fitted to their vehicle to overcome their form of disability?

The answer is yes.

Judith and husband Chris who runs Abba Driving School presented her motorcycle fitted with RiderScan at the headquarters of the DVA Belfast where it was examined and then “approved” for the rider to sit her motorcycle test.

By eliminating the need for lifesaver shoulder checks with her limited neck movement, Judith subsequently passed her test.

A small but important point is that if you pass your test with any adaptation fitted to your vehicle to overcome some form of disability, as in Judith’s case, limited neck movement, your licence is restricted to driving/riding vehicles fitted with the form of adaptation used during their test.  The licence will contain a restriction code which only allows you to ride a bike, in this case with a suitably positioned blind spot mirror(s).

As RiderScan can be fitted on a bike with or without a screen, it means that there is no restriction for either type of bike.

This is fantastic news for potential riders especially those that have suffered this form of disability.

Well done RiderScan for a worthwhile and “safe” product!


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