Chopper Club Ireland

Chopper Club Ireland is the latest and biggest club to give their support to Right To Ride.

Formed originally in England in 1973, Chopper Club has been in existence in Ireland since the late 1970s.

It draws like-minded people with a love of custom bikes together.

Originally known as the National Chopper Club, Chopper Club Ireland was given its independence within the Club in 1989, with its own President and Committee, the membership travel extensively to Chopper Club events throughout Europe every year.

Over the years, Chopper Club Ireland has kept its uniqueness by building innovative bikes and trikes and maintaining quality membership.

As always, the aim of the Club is to promote and enjoy the building and riding of Custom bikes and trikes.

Chopper Club Northern Ireland is an integral part of the wider European Chopper Club.

Our members firmly believe that the combination of bikes, runs, parties and Brotherhood make this club what it is.

A Club to be proud of!

At Right To Ride we are equally proud to have Chopper Club Ireland supporting our organisation and we hope we can provide to them along with other clubs, inspiration and mutual support as fellow riders!


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