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Some of our readers may have heard the news that Hein Gericke UK is closing down. This includes the two shops here in Northern Ireland.

The official notice on the Hein Gericke UK website in bold headlines says, “Closing Down – Everything Must Be Sold – Everything Reduced”, however on the same website it states, “Hein Gericke UK is now trading in administration whilst the future of the UK operation is determined and hopefully secured.”

Hein Gericke UK entered into Administration on 30 July 2012 and the UK administrators, Moorfields Corporate Recovery are “Looking to hear from interested parties and are currently marketing the business.” so maybe there is a chance of survival in whatever form, if a buyer can be found.

I can remember the Hein Gericke shop opening in Belfast with Big Dave in charge. I can’t remember the year but it seems like an age ago.

My experience at the shop from then to the present day has always been a “happy shopper” one, not just for clothing but all the other bits and pieces they sell, which I am sure, is the same in the newer store at Newry.

Both shops have their own Facebook pages and a Facebook page for the Newry shop has been set up to “Save Our Shop”.

You can go onto Facebook and like the page.

In these difficult financial times, we at Right To Ride, hope that the shops and more importantly the staff – the people – come out the other side of these difficult times successfully.

Trevor Baird

Right To Ride

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Belfast Hein Gericke On Facebook – Click Here
Newry Hein Gericke On Facebook – Click Here
Hein Gericke Newry Save Our Shop – Click Here

Official Hein Gericke UK Message

Hein Gericke continues to trade in a number of countries across Europe.

Please visit www.hein-gericke.com for more details. (We can’t see any more details on this website)

Due to difficult trading conditions Hein Gericke UK is now trading in administration whilst the future of the UK operation is determined and hopefully secured. The UK administrators, Moorfields Corporate Recovery are looking to here from interested parties and are currently marketing the business.

Hein Gericke has operated in the UK for over 20 years supplying quality motorcycle clothing and accessories to the UK biker and has built its store network to 49 stores, including an active online website. During this time, Hein Gericke has built a reputation based on supplying quality products that bikers appreciate, having won numerous industry awards for its own brand product performance, also winners of the

MCN 2010 Clothing and Accessory Retailer of the Year.

Hein Gericke (UK) Limited entered Administration on 30 July 2012. Simon Robert Thomas and Shelley Anne Bullman of Moorfields Corporate Recovery LLP, 88 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7QF, were appointed Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.

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  1. Over here in Devon, England, I have only had on good experience in HG. The rest of the time when trying to shop there, they only ever have one or two items in stock of ladies wear each style, and those are in the very large sizes, I am a 10/12. When asked, the stock reply is, if not on the shelves, no can do.
    This has gone on for years.
    We stopped going there when the staff began to be offhand and rude. They could not be bothered to interrupt their conversation to serve, were put out when they had to. And our last visit around a year ago, the man serving basically said (no stock of helmets in small size) what did we expect, we have to ride around to find what we want, their next shop is in Taunton (we were in Plymouth), ride over there and see what they have (around 80/100 miles).
    He was rude and downright arrogant, we were not rude or off, just normal customers.
    So incensed was I by this final insulting piece of behaviour, I contacted their website ‘contact us’ to complain.
    They never even bothered to reply..
    I find it hard to be sorry to be honest.

  2. Thanks Debs for your comment.
    I suppose we all have different stories of the way a retail shop treats its customers.

  3. Hein Gericke Belfast
    Message From Hein Gericke Belfast
    Hi guys.
    Wwe are back in business!!!!
    To kick it all off we have 40% off everything in store this weekend.
    Normal opening times Monday till Sat 9-6 Sunday 1-5.
    Just to clarify Newry store is closed and will not be reopening.
    I am sure a lot of us will miss it but at least we all still have one hg shop in Ireland so feel free to call in anytime or give us a call on 02890 244 899 we are here to help.
    On Facebook – Click Here

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