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Only just picked this up but a Bikesafe day at Lintons in Ballymena TODAY !!

R F Linton & Sons SOON TO BE 65 Years in Business

On Friday 3rd August 2012. R F Linton And Sons will celebrate our 65th Anniversary.
The family run business was opened by Ronald Linton Senior on 1st August 1947 and is now run by his two sons Ronnie jnr and Raymond.
P.S.N.I Officers will be taking customers on a Bike Safe Ride out around Ballymena Area, give aways and a prize raffle will take place.
R F Linton And Sons would like to invite everyone to come and would like to thank all our customers for their custom over the years and look forward to seeing you for our 65th Anniversary and in the future.
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BikeSafe NI assessments are FREE and conducted solely by PSNI Advanced Traffic Branch motorcyclists. By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists can advise you on how to become a safer, more competent rider and help you avoid some of the most common causes of accident and death.
They can also help you to increase your ability and confidence, so you can get even more enjoyment from riding your motorcycle.
The BikeSafe concept is designed to get the rider thinking, subsequently developing riding skills, which creates more time for the rider to react. Motorcycle riders have a great deal to think about, as road and traffic conditions change continuously requiring constant alterations to speed and position.
Although it is particularly suitable for riders returning or making a return to biking after a period of absence, as well as sports bike riders, the one-hour assessment is also open to anyone who rides a smaller commuter bike or scooter.
One of the main lessons you will learn will be how to identify your mistakes and bad habits, their consequences and how you can correct them.
BikeSafe is not about learning how to pop wheelies or grind your knee slider into atoms – it’s about fostering a more responsible attitude towards your riding.
It is within the power of every motorcycle rider to do what they can to help reduce the number of deaths on our roads. Whilst it is our primary concern to help you achieve this, we also spend some time focusing on the positive side of motorcycling.
We recognise that motorcyclists are a passionate breed, and care deeply about their bikes and the enjoyment they derive from them. All we ask is that they care even more about preserving their own and other road user lives, so that they can continue to ride for many more years to come.
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