Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

Bennetts the motorcycle insurance provider has produced – “The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety Infographic”.

The infographic promotes and highlights the most important moments in motorcycle safety development since the invention of the motorcycle, in 1883.

However, the eagle eyed viewers in Northern Ireland will spot the difference in some dates, such as the introduction of CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) from 1990 in Britain to 2011 in Northern Ireland.

Bennetts says,The early 1960s may have been the decade when motorcycling officially became the world’s coolest mode of transport – thanks to the smouldering looks of Steve McQueen and James Dean – but it was also the era when deaths on the road peaked, with over 1,500 bikers a year killed between 1959 and 1962.

Nowadays motorcycle fatalities are at their lowest level ever, but only because of the work of the bikers, campaigners and legislators who are continually looking at ways to improve road safety for everyone.”

Of interest the infographic mentions that in 1935 Sir Hugh Cairns pioneered research for the adoption of crash helmets.

On the www.motorcycleminds.org website is an article about Lawrence of Arabia, the Helmet Law and his death while riding his motorcycle.

In the article there is mention of Sir Hugh Cairns – “ One of the several doctors attending him (Lawrence of Arabia) was a young neurosurgeon, Hugh Cairns.

He was moved by the tragedy in a way that was to have far-reaching consequences. At the beginning of the Second World War, he highlighted the unnecessary loss of life among army motorcycle dispatch riders as a result of head injuries. His research concluded that the adoption of crash helmets as standard by both military and civilian motorcyclists would result in considerable saving of life.

It was 32 years later, however, that motorcycle crash helmets were made compulsory in the United Kingdom. As a consequence of treating T.E. Lawrence and through his research at Oxford, Sir Hugh Cairns’ work largely pioneered legislation for protective headgear by motorcyclists and subsequently in the workplace and for many sports worldwide. (…).”

For motorcycle safety in Northern Ireland view www.righttoride.orgwww.firstaidforriders.org and tied into working with legislators view www.righttoride.co.uk and www.righttoride.eu

View the infographic at Bennetts – Click Here


The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

Infographic by Bennetts

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