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On Monday the 11th June Michelle McIlveen MLA hosted a presentation of the Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fatality Report 2012 at Stormont’s Parliament Buildings.

Having assaulted Stormont with an uphill walk to the top of the hill Right To Ride’s Elaine Hardy presented the report, which was a study of “Motorcycle Fatalities in Northern Ireland between 2004 and 2010.

One interesting point from the study was the time frame from a perceived hazard to the conclusion of the impact either with another vehicle or with road infrastructure, typically between 2 and 3 seconds.

Within this time frame, although there is time to react, there may be insufficient time to avoid the collision.

Part of the study included a focus group of nine participants who discussed possible solutions to prevent motorcycle fatalities, these included: Trainers (Initial and Advanced), DOE  Road Safety and Vehicle Regulation Division, DVA  Examiner, Road Traffic Policing and who came to a conclusion that:

According to these participants, the best solution to avoid road traffic collisions is anticipation and hazard awareness training.  The consensus was that the only reliable way to prevent motorcyclist injuries and deaths is to prevent the collision in the first place.

Following the presentation a discussion took place amongst civil servants and riders to better understand accident causation and possible solutions.

Attending was the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) Northern Ireland director Howard Anderson; Chairman from MAG Ireland and Trainer Marc O’Loideion; Representatives from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG); Chairman of the Approved Motorcycle Instructors Association NI, Victor Rodgers;  Road Traffic Collision investigator Damian Coll as well as representatives from the DOE Road Safety, DRD Roads Service, DVA and others.

It was a really good day at Stormont with those that mattered.

Our thanks to MLA Michelle McIlveen, who has always showed an active interest in motorcycling issues and has been supportive of Right To Ride’s initiatives – for hosting the event and thanks to her fellow DUP MLA’s, Brenda Hale and Ian McCrea for attending.


“Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fatality Report 2012” – Presentation – pdf 312kb – Click Here
“Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fatality Report 2012″ – pdf 1.1mb – Click Here
Read more about the report – Click Here
For further information contact:
Dr Elaine Hardy
Director of Research
Right To Ride Ltd


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