First Aid for Riders – Booking A Course

First Aid For Riders can now offer the chance for riders, in association with St John Ambulance (NI), to attend a First Aid Course in various locations across the province.
Locations for these courses are:
The cost of these courses will be a minimum of £63 per person – with a possible small surcharge at some venues for room hire.
For each individual course to run we need 12 minimum/maximum persons to participate.
12 minimum to make the running of the course financially viable and 12 maximum for Health & Safety regulations and to give delegates the best value of 12 persons per trainer.
Once we have 12 people interested then we can start to organise a suitable date for the training, then only once a date is confirmed, payment can be arranged.
However if you have a group of riders interested – for example as a motorcycle club, group, organisation or association we can organise with St John Ambulance the suitability of a date for one of their trainers to deliver a course on a block booking, including if you have a suitable venue e.g. a room that allows 12 people to practice CPR – helmet removal.
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